This is an exciting time where retail shoppers have more choices, more options, greater variety of ways to make purchases, receive goods and services, and certainly have the ability to express their opinions of their experience than ever before. Retail is evolving at a pace not experienced in decades.

E-commerce is alive and well, and so is brick-and-mortar retail. The new normal is not about one or the other, but about combining the best of both to provide consumers a better experience.

While the headlines may be focused on doom and gloom, we challenge those headlines by educating people on the advances and improvements to the retail experience.

This brief video delves into a little retail history where Piggly Wiggly revolutionized the way shopping happened in 1916, and how Amazon is revolutionizing shopping in 2018. Retailers who are fast learners, and quick and nimble in adjusting their customer experience will be winners now and into the future.

Brick-and-mortar retail is not dead, and we believe won’t ever be. Tune into The Retail View to learn more about this new evolution in retail.

Dave Cheatham is president of Velocity Retail Group, LLC. He also currently serves as the president of X Team Retail Advisors, an international platform consisting of retail real estate specialists with offices located in major cities through the U.S. and Canada.