There’s more to it than what people anticipate when preparing to sell a house. From cleaning and decluttering to upgrading appliances or old carpet, a homeowner could find that their time and wallet may be taking a massive hit. There is also the situation where a home seller is looking to flip their house quickly due to a recent life change like a new job or a recent divorce.

Selling your house to a professional property buyer “as is” could end up being the best-case scenario. Still on the fence? Here are four benefits of selling your home to a property buyer that could sway your decision.

Cash Offers Means Cash Fast

One of the biggest reasons why homeowners work with property buyers to sell their home as it stands is because of how fast the entire process can be. Many companies in this profession are able to bypass many of the typical formalities usual real estate agents have to go through. In a week, you could be closing on your home and have cash in your bank account.

People who purchase homes in cash are sometimes looking to flip a house for themselves or use it as a rental property. This is a big incentive for them to start the process immediately and work with the homeowner directly, again to bypass many of the usual formalities.

A Property Buyer Can Save You Money

Using a property buying company can save you a significant amount of money. According to Time Square Chronicles, these firms will purchase your home at about 60% to 85% of the market rate. For someone looking to turn their home around fast, this is an incredible value, especially if you are currently in debt or have issues with your credit.

When using a real estate agent, there are also several other fees you’ll have to consider, like home inspections and closing costs, not to mention a cut for your agent as well. With a direct buyer, you can save yourself thousands of dollars which means more money in your pocket for your next home.

Your House Is In Poor Condition

There are countless stories of people who have family members with homes that won’t bode well on a typical real estate website or through a local agent because of its present condition. With boxes piled high and barely any room to walk through the house, hoarding can be a real problem and safety concern.

Cleaning out a hoarded house in preparation for selling is problematic for the person in charge of the sale. You’ll need to worry about repairs, renting dumpsters, renovations, or endless trips to second-hand stores to drop off items. Hiring a professional property buyer to directly purchase your home “as is” could save you time, money, and alleviate the emotional stress associated with handling such a big task for your family member.

When Your Property is Worth More Than Your House

If you’ve been in your house for a long time and no renovations have been made, there is a chance that your property may be worth more than the house itself. In which case, spending more money on repairs and renovations would be counterproductive.

It would make more sense for the house to be torn down and start a rebuild by a new owner. In this situation, selling your home “as is” to a professional property buying company would probably be your best approach.

There is a lot to consider when selling your house. Legalities and renovations are just a few of the major things you’ll have to think about. Whether you’re undergoing debt, have a home that is too far gone in its present condition, or need to move fast, you may want to think about using a property buying company to make the process easier for you and your family.