Selling your home can be a very stressful time. A home is a place where you spent the majority of your time, created memories, and took pride in your accomplishment of buying a home. Whether you are moving to upgrade, downgrade, relocate, or travel the world, selling a home may hit your heartstrings.

Since you put so much effort into your place and made it home, you want the family that moves in after you to take care of the structure, too. But how do you find the right fit?

Selling Your Home Is Easier Than It Sounds

You may not believe this but you can sell you home in 3 simple steps. Not every house sale goes through the old-fashioned way of calling the local realtor, pitching the realty sign in the front yard to advertise to drive-bys, and having an open house,  We are now living in the digital world and real estate has finally caught up. You can now list, show and sell your house without leaving your home. One of the websites that can help streamline the home sale process is Homelister.

Step 1: List The Property

When you list the property, you are essentially creating an advertisement about your house. This listing will include details like the size of the home, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage of the house and size of the land, and any other important details unique to the property.

When you list the property, you will need to put your initial asking price on the listing. This initial asking price is typically not too far off from the assessed property value. The assessed value factors in the house’s location, the size of the property, the condition of the property, any updates like remodels or additions. Also, the price should factor in if it is a buyer’s market or seller’s market when you sell it. When it is a seller’s market, you can stay strong on your asking price because the amount of supply available is less than the number of buyers looking to purchase a property. The buyer’s market is vice versa,  There is too much supply and not enough buyers so the seller may need to reduce their pricing to reel in a few offers.

Step 2: Show The Property

Once you have the listing up and begin to get bites of interest from buys, it is time to set up a walk-through, virtual or in person. These showings will allow you to show off how great the home is. The home must be clean, clutter-free, and looking its best for the showing. An unkempt house may make the buyer have the perception that the overall structure has not been cared for during your tenancy. If you need tips and tricks on the proper way to show your house, Homelister can be a great source of knowledge for you.

Step 3: Sell The Property

Once you List and Show the property, the final step is to sell the property. If the buyers like what they saw and saw perceived value in the price you set, you should begin to receive offers. Most initial offers set from buyers will be below the asking price. You do not have to accept the initial offer or any offer that does not seem fitting. Sometimes the buyer and seller will dance back and forth with offers until a final offer is accepted by both sides. Once the offer is accepted you must follow the legal steps it takes to sell the house. Homelister has additional tools to walk you through the selling of a home.

Time To Pack Your Boxes, It’s Time To Move

See, wasn’t that easy! In three easy steps, you were able to sell your house. Now that your house is sold, it is time to pack your boxes and schedule a mover! Good luck with your new venture. If you need more information then visit this blog: