In the city of Philadelphia, Pa., there over 1.5 million people (about the population of West Virginia) who live in this great city of brotherly love. This also means there are over 800,000 residents (about half the population of Idaho) in the city as well. That is a lot of row homes to bunched up into one city. Driving through any Philadelphia Street you will see “we buy houses Philadelphia” Everywhere. This is because this real estate market has been growing rapidly for years, but even more in the past few. This city being as big as it is, it also has an extremely extreme poverty rate. Which as you can imagine accounts for a large amount of distressed real estate in the city. You may be wondering how such a great city became to be hurting so bad, but at the same time have a thriving real estate market. You may also be wondering who buys houses in a city like this? A city this large having as much real estate growth as it is having. What areas are desirable to live? What can I do when I visit or live in Philadelphia. We can tell you more about this in our article about this wonderful city.

Philadelphia real estate

If you are not familiar with the city of Philadelphia, then you are not aware that it has over 50 different neighborhoods. Each one with its own unique characteristic. There are very high-end areas in the city. Areas such as Rittenhouse Square, Old city, Queen village, and much more. The average home price in the city is right around $250,000 which is half the price of New York city’s average home price standing in just above $500,000. That is a strong number for a city that is only one eighth the population of New York. Certain areas of Philadelphia have really seen exceptionally significant increase home sale prices. Fishtown is one of the largest growing markets in Philadelphia right now. Over ten to fifteen years ago you would have been able to buy a house there for as little as twenty thousand dollars. Now the lowest home for sale in the area is closer to two hundred thousand. Large increases like this have been happening all over the city. If you look at the opposite side of the city in the Brewery town section of Philadelphia. You see an area that had plenty of vacant land areas now being filled with large three to four story homes as well as plenty of large apartment complexes. If you look at a south Philadelphia neighborhood called Point Breeze, this is another example of the hot real estate market. Five years ago, you were able to purchase a home for just around fifty thousand now you look at the area there is nothing less than one hundred and fifty thousand dollars for sale. This is a common occurrence around this great city. If you own property in this city and gave thought about how you can sell house for cash. Then you do not need to look far at all. There are so many options for a homeowner to sell their home. Making a tiring process easy because no matter where you own real estate in this city or what you do with it, you can always find a company to buy your home. This city has a large amount of property owners that make up a good portion of the city. With the high population of renters, the city has found itself building more apartment complexes. Most of the city’s sections you can find a large three to six building apartments stacked on top of each other. Even in parts of the northeast section as well as the Roxborough area. Big time developers have been flocking to this city for years now with massive building erecting in every section. Comcast has made a large footprint in this city by building the tales building that stands outside of New York and Chicago. Their headquarters is home to this area a large building that changed the skyline several years ago standing in at just over twelve hundred feet tall.

Things to do in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is home to plenty of things to do. There are 99 museums in this city. Some of the larger ones consist of the most famous art museums (yes, the one that Rocky runs up). This art museums are over one hundred and forty-five years old. We highly recommend checking this place out if you visit the city. A lot of people do not realize it, but Franklin institute is one of the cooler places to see when you go to Philadelphia. They are always having great new exhibits here. It is also filled with tons of educational as well as diverse types of fun. Reading terminal market is wonderful place to go if you find yourself hungry or just wanting to browse. They have over eighty small business owned stores here. The entire environment is unlike any other. If you are a sports fan, we also recommend checking out a local sports game. This city is not too large a square mile as most cities, but it does seem exceptionally large considering its population.  We just do not recommend you wearing an opposing team’s jersey. This city is filled with tons of character we highly recommend you checking it out if you have not visited yet.

Best part about Philly

The best part about Philadelphia might not only be the characteristic it has, but how you can go here and there be plenty of different atmospheres when being here. If your find yourself in the north or west section of Philadelphia checking out a University or if you are just in the south area getting a feel for the vibes down there. No matter where you find yourself you will notice it has its charm. Philadelphia is home to many great athletes as well as actors. The center city area is just as fast past as New York’s happening areas. This is one of the oldest cities in America. You will not find many others like it, yet Baltimore may resemble the city in certain areas you still find there is not much comparison between the two.