There’s good news for real estate investors and anyone looking to make a significant house move in 2021; confidence is coming back to the market, and prices are beginning to stabilize after a turbulent year.

A Changing World

With everything that has happened in the U.S. within the last few months, from the global health pandemic to the changes in the U.S. political sphere, as well as the civil unrest and natural disasters we’ve seen happen, real estate investors have been rightly hesitant to move forward with plans and have been holding back on investments to see what happens.

That all seems to be changing, though, and the real estate market is stabilizing, giving hope to investors and to families alike.

Emerging Economies

With the rise in location-independent working coupled with the loosening of coronavirus restrictions, we’re seeing a big shift in the confidence of the market.

Premier real estate is one of the fastest-growing areas, and The Brandon Group in Northwest Arkansas have seen a big increase in inquiries and sheer quality of properties coming onto the market, as well as the level of interest in more exclusive properties thanks to the confidence in the economy as we emerge from the pandemic.

This is good news for investors, but it’s also good news for anyone working in real estate, as the stability of jobs and opportunities is returning, and working in real estate is going back to pre-pandemic levels of security for many workers across the pay scales.

City Growth

One of the biggest changes we’re seeing in premier real estate is the changes in the way people want to live, and to the type of properties they want to invest in.

There’s been a huge shift over the last decade towards city-living and urban living, leading to big investments in top quality and top dollar properties in cities and to the urbanization of towns that are close to cities, working as satellites.

While remote working continues to grow, this trend of moving towards satellite cities, cities that are on the edges of bigger cities, is actually predicted to grow, leading more people to live urbanized lives going forward.

Sustainability Is a Key Consideration


While more people than ever before are considering moving to cities, they also want to be living in areas that are greener and more sustainable.

There’s been a big interest in the environment, especially after reports that the environment was faring better during the national lockdowns, and this change is being felt in the real estate sector.

New developments are expected to prioritize sustainability and greener living over cheap and fast production. There’s also a huge drive in the technology sector to improve the way our modern lives impact the environment and make the world a better place to live for our families and for our futures.

This change is being reflected in infrastructure too.

It’s not just the housing requirements that are changing, but the higher uptake of personal small electric transport devices like electric scooters for commuting is changing the way city planners and city designers work too.