So, you’re thinking about renting an apartment? You’re ready to pack your things, get on the plane and settle down in a new town? Well, you may be neglecting the simplest part about moving into a new location.

Almost 50 million people in America are currently renting. The problem is that many of them probably didn’t research the type of apartment they needed.

Before you complete your plans, it’s important to learn about which living situation suits you best. With this in mind, make sure not to click away. This article will tell you everything you need to know about the different types of apartments.

Loft Apartments

Loft apartments are characterized by their high ceilings. This is because they’ve typically been converted from industrial complexes and buildings.

The result is an apartment that can feel more spacious than others with a similar layout.

Studio Apartments

If you’ve considered buying an apartment, there’s no doubt you’ve seen plenty of studio apartments available.

You can think of studio apartments as a sort of jack-of-all-trades arrangement. They are usually a single room that functions as a kitchen, bedroom, and living room all at once.

Alcove Apartments

An alcove is a studio apartment but with a separate space just around the corner.

What this means is that two people can share the same space without it feeling cramped and crowded. This is a great option if you’d like your arrangement to have more privacy.

1-Bedroom Apartments

1-bedroom apartments are similar to studio apartments but with a major difference.

Like a studio, a 1-bedroom apartment will have a room that is a kitchen and dining room at once. Where 1-bedrooms stand out is that they have a dedicated room connected that functions solely as a bedroom.

Penthouse Apartments

Penthouses are some of the best apartments you can get but often come at a steep price.

These apartments are situated at a high level and offer views that are to die for. The only problem is that they can cost you a lot of money for the return.

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Railroad Apartments

Railroad apartments stand out because of their narrow design, like that of a train. These usually hold around four rooms and lack a hallway in between like many apartments of their kind.

You usually find railroad apartments in older complex arrangements.

Don’t Miss Out on the Different Types of Apartments

Renting is more common than ever, and this isn’t by accident. Over 80 percent of people currently renting an apartment say that it’s the best fit for their way of life.

Neglecting to research the different types of apartments can be a grave mistake. It can not only put you in an unsatisfactory place of living, but you’ll also be paying for it too. So why take any chances?

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