Part-time employment is often frowned upon. Ambitious workers tend to gravitate toward full-time roles unless under exceptional circumstances.

However, part-time work in real estate can be exceptional for a variety of reasons. It is worth contemplating this effort further because there are numerous adjuncts to explore on this career path.

President Biden is aiming to make purchasing homes easier, so to be working in real estate in any capacity could be promising. Of course, things are far from straightforward, and there are no guarantees for anybody. There is much to both lament and celebrate in real estate, and part-time work in the sector might help you settle into a more stable middle ground between the two.

If you want to consider the perks of working in real estate part-time, read on.

Experiencing More Excitement

Part-time real estate workers will not make as much money as their full-time counterparts in their role alone. However, they may have more scope for earning potential overall. 

You can combine your real estate earnings with any other income streams you have going. Many part-time real estate workers also juggle a primary job at the same time. It can be stressful, but if you work hard, the rewards are plentiful.

Consider that the real estate markets may add some excitement to your life on its own terms too. There are many opportunities for the ambitious here, and if your other part-time work seems unfulfilling, then part-time real estate work may give you that jolt of adrenaline you crave. 

Qualifying on Your Schedule

If you have multiple sources of part-time income, you can reorganize everything to your advantage.

That approach can be useful when it comes to learning about the real estate business. For example, Agent Advice notes that people can complete the required courses for a real estate license on their own schedule, making things easier for themselves if they are fast learners. If that applies to you, your flexibility could help you excel quicker here. Browse their resources for additional insights and the tools to compare real estate schools.

Obtaining a licence is not easy and requires much rigorous study. Many applicants fail. However, if you are used to alternating between side hustles, anything is possible, and you can play to your learning strengths. Depending on your income situation, you could speed the process up or take all the time you need.

Moreover, you may even enjoy the experience of qualifying more if you are operating under your own measures. It is a great way to get started in the industry, as you will approach everything on your own terms with pride and no pressure.

Finding Your Feet

Working in real estate is no small feat. Much is demanded of every agent, and the workload can be overwhelming.

Remember that part-time work can help you get your feet wet in any role without fully committing to it as a career path straightaway. If you are starting in real estate, the part-time approach may serve as a more comprehensible introduction to that world. Try to view a part-time role as a temporary measure, and as your skills and confidence grow, so can the number of hours you work.

Keep in mind that your time management skills may need to be refined somewhat here. You may need to work undesirable hours in the evenings or on weekends to fit everything in. Still, if you’re willing to make a few compromises in shuffling things around, the long-term benefits of this arrangement can far outweigh any immediate drawbacks.

Give the part-time role everything you have got. If you enjoy it despite the hours, you will know with certainty that real estate is for you.

Surviving Turbulence

Real estate agents can experience a lot of pressure and stress in their roles. Working part-time for a temporary period may help take the edge off slightly.

After all, in June 2021, CNN reported that it was a bad time to be a real estate agent, primarily due to there being more agents than homes to sell. By working part-time, you could bide your time, refine your skillset, and explore other moneymaking opportunities as well.

Your career will not be brought to ruin at the first sign of turbulence. You can survive any sector-wide draught until things turn around. You can then increase your hours to a full-time position at your current agency or elsewhere when things improve.

Of course, if you have family that you need to look after, part-time work may be preferable. It is possible to explore your dreams in real estate while also looking after those you cherish most. Everybody could win under this arrangement.

Practicing Better Behavior

If you have multiple part-time roles, then you enjoy a variety of experiences daily. Each can inform your mindset and mood positively.

While communication is key in the real estate business, not every agent masters this discipline. Some buyers avoid real estate agents who are too hungry for the sale and rush the process. The experts can let their desperation fester into their personality, and it can destroy client trust and damage reputations.

These types of real estate agents can be surprisingly common. If you ask your network about any poor experiences with these professionals, many of them will likely have an anecdote to share.

As a part-time real estate agent, you may not be as frantic in your salesperson tactics. You will have other sources of income at your disposal, which means you can more ably maintain a calm and respectful demeanor. Potential buyers will warm to this and view you as a friendly, supportive guide rather than a brash presence. Success can follow on from there.

Valuing the Learner’s Mentality

Brokers value the earning potential of their real estate agents. Additionally, clients want to work with professionals who’re fully committed to their jobs.

Assumptions around you not being as dedicated, knowledgeable, or efficient as your full-time counterparts may stir due to you working part-time only. Other agents may cover some of your clients in exchange for a portion of your commission only.

While this seems like bad news, you can make the most of this situation by having a learner’s mentality. Consider that you will:

Worthwhile experience – So long as you’re doing some real estate work, the process can be beneficial. You may also gain insights into how your colleagues do things.

Establish connections – If you impress those you’re working with despite constraints, it could lead to greater things. Mentor figures could immerge, and you might be able to build your network of contacts.

Paying your dues – There is a lot to learn from situations that are not wholly ideal. After these challenges, success will be all the sweeter as a full-time real estate agent, and you will be confident that you earned your place.

Real estate can be a lucrative career path. While many workers in this industry assume they must be bolshy, ruthless, and greedy, a patient individual with a steady work ethic and a learner’s mentality will likely find more success. Find your humility through your part-time efforts, and flesh out a strong career from those stronger foundations.


Part-time real estate work comes with many perks. If you have a proactive mindset, even some of the drawbacks can be turned into positives and serve you well. Persistence is crucial here, so keep testing your limits, appreciate your position, and learn everything you can.