It is a common thing to introduce an app in addition to a product – it’s been exploited by marketing experts for years now. As common and clear as it is, it offers a lot to discuss when you concentrate on a specific topic of real estate. What pros to expect from an app? What to consider? How to achieve a supreme result?

The Modern-Day Importance

We can hardly imagine a person nowadays that doesn’t have a phone seemingly glued into their hand. We eat, sleep and breathe with our gaze turned to a screen. It’s almost impossible to overestimate the impact gadgets have on our thinking process – decision-making included. Having that kind of attention on hand, the real estate industry cannot miss an opportunity to influence our choice of accommodation. Especially with tools like real estate virtual tour services.

If an agency invests in a well-designed app, it can harvest all sorts of unique data, like the exact needs their potential clients have as well as direct feedback. That kind of insight is irreplaceable and results in better future campaigns and a great boost to any business. Fill all benefits with VisEngine rendering services.

Differences in Real Estate Apps

House Hunting Applications

Without the aid of an app, house hunting turns into a tedious piece of work that involves long conversations with an agent, a need to commute around the city, and a complicated system of real estate evaluation. An application offers all the required data in one place. With a couple of clicks, you can see media attachments and prices and create lists of favorites to make the process smoother.

Apps for Real Estate Investors

An app like this is an actual life savior for a real estate investor. It helps you keep tabs on the financial side of the business, as well as promote your property and look into future tenants.

Apps for Real Estate Agents

While using Excel and Word is acceptable, using real estate agents’ applications can provide ultimate solutions to all the issues possible. All the paperwork, including e-signatures, clientele management, and even pricing changes on the market – all that is invaluable to a real estate agent and is available in such an app.

The Essentials of a Real Estate MVP

Advanced Search

If you don’t want a client to delete your app after a couple of minutes of use, you better equip it with as many filters as your budget allows it. Losing patience by combing through unfit suggestions or simply getting confused with locations and price ranges and whatnots can ward off many possible users.

Map Integration

Location often is a focal point when it comes to property searches. Including maps will allow users to freely explore their possible future neighborhoods as well as decide on how fair the price of accommodation is.


Coming in hot right after the map feature is navigation. It is simply an asset your app cannot afford to lack, as all the beasts on the Internet secure it first thing. That also means your future customers will expect it to be up to standard.

3D Virtual Tours

By providing 3D virtual tours, you offer a much more immersive experience than simple media attachments. Besides the fact that it makes your app stand out, it allows your customers to form a solid opinion about your property before contacting you. So, if they do, they are most likely to make an official agreement.

Chatbot and FAQ

It is way more time and money efficient to design a FAQ section as well as implement a chatbot. That way, you keep the users satisfied while also collecting crucial information as to what is most requested by your future tenants.

Administrative Panel

With all the data you can get from the previous points of this list, the admin panel enables you to use it as swiftly as it gets. You’ll be able to operate all the widgets and images to make them suit your customers’ needs.

Accommodation Cost and Mortgage Calculator

There’s only so much you can calculate on your own when it comes to real estate. Interest, current prices, and extra costs – your customers will be relieved to be rid of the trouble of calculation.

Lists of Favorites

There’s nothing better than to be secure. You have all the time to make your choice as well as certainty you won’t lose the options. Bookmarks are an excellent solution for that.

Feedback System

It is often a pivotal point to have a flow of conversation with your users. Even the killer apps don’t want to lose the connecting thread of suggestions and sometimes complaints, as it is the golden tool on the way to improvement.

6 Steps to Construct A Real Estate App

Market analysis

No matter how well you know your area, you should always rely on actual data. Investments like mobile applications have to be thought through, and goals should be formed thoroughly. Research your target group.

Research the tech options

You most likely don’t have the skills to code your app yourself but make no mistake – getting familiar with the tools is a must. You want to pick a language, libraries, and so on. Take a pic that will respond to the challenges best.


It is time to think about your users’ needs. Accumulate your knowledge from previous stages to tackle their issues most efficiently.


At this point, you naturally trust professionals with your app. Your main task comes after the work is done – make sure to put the app through all kinds of testing to ensure maximum accuracy.


Even when the app is fresh out of the oven, it is not the time to relax. Promote and market it actively – present your product to your target group.


As phones and systems are developing rapidly, you want to keep up. Never forget about your customers’ security, as it is the key point.

Remember, nowadays, and it is an almost mundane thing to do business online – real estate cannot afford to be an exception.