If you need a sewer lateral replacement, you may be considering the benefits of a trenchless option. Not only can trenchless sewer lateral replacement save you time and money, but it can also minimize disruption to your property. However, choosing the right contractor for the job is crucial to ensure a successful and stress-free experience. This article provides you with some helpful tips to keep in mind when selecting a trenchless sewer lateral replacement contractor.

Check Credentials

Always choose a contractor with proper accreditations and licensing. Ensure they have an excellent reputation and vast knowledge about the industry.

Always verify with your locality or state agencies whether the company you want to hire has the right licenses for sewer service providers. Additionally, ask the Trenchless Sewer Lateral Replacement for their portfolio to see their past projects. Ensure the contractor has a proven record of success in delivering quality services.

Ask about the Restoration Practices

Trenchless sewer repair goes beyond fixing the sewer lateral. The contractor must adhere to the required practices to ensure the project is well completed.

The restoration practices involve the following:

  • Proper backfilling: the method involves replacing dug-up materials like concrete, asphalt, and soil with new materials. The method helps in avoiding sinkholes and additional damage to the site and streets close to the project.
  • Compaction: ensure the contractor conducts compaction after backfilling to fortify the materials. Compaction can boost the thickness of the backfill objects and prevent concrete and asphalt sinkholes and patch failures.

Understand What to Expect

Ensure you know the dates you will start a partnership with the trenchless contractor. Always ask the company the necessary questions to ensure you have the right information about them. 

Ensure you look at some of the following: 

  • Free camera inspections: ensure you meet with the contractors and provide your insights and details about the project. Always show up to offer guidance and inspect the projects.
  • Copy of the recorded inspection: ensure the contractor provides a video copy of the camera inspection as proof of your lateral’s condition before any work commences.


Always choose contractors with vast experience in their work. They will offer the best services and guidance on the whole project.

Ensure you choose professionals with a proven record of success and have been in the industry for many years. During the interviews, always ask the contractor about their past work and how they handled projects of their previous clients.

Choosing experienced contractors will ensure you receive top-notch services and guidance. They will advise on the best materials to use and the perfect places to find them.

Warranty Coverage 

Warranty coverage ensures you are comfortable with your investment. It gives you a guarantee that the contractors will always come back should any problem arise.

Ensure you get multiple quotes from various companies to compare their prices and warranties. Always understand the inclusions in the quote and any additional charges that may arise. Moreover, ensure you select the contractor who provides warranties on their work.

Ensure you choose the best Trenchless Sewer Lateral Replacement contractor for your project. Always select one with excellent customer service, reputation, licensed and insured, and also one with vast experience. Always ask the professional about their past projects and the tools they use in their work. Ensure you follow the above tips to select the best contractor that meets your needs and budget.