For years Velocity has invested in cutting-edge technologies to service our clients and help them stay in front of the competition. Velocity is already known for delivering high-quality photography and video for our listings, tenants, and our events. Now UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles) will allow us to provide our clients a much different perspective than they’ve had before. All without paying a fortune for custom aerial photography.

Having the ability to get a prospective buyer or tenant above the rooftop of shopping center, or building provides them with a unique view of the trade area. From this angle important details like traffic flow, ingress and egress, surrounding tenants are easily viewed. Another benefit is the ability to see the current conditions of the roof and other structural features that can not be seen from the ground.

“We are known for seeking out the newest technologies for our clients. UAV’s are one of the most exciting tools we have had that we think will impact our clients ability to make more informed decisions,” remarked Dave Cheatham. “We researched many UAV units and chose one that had plenty of safety features, advanced flight capabilities, stabilization, and the ability to deliver high-resolution stills and video.”

John Jackson is one of our experienced pilots and real estate agents. He specializes in listing shopping centers in the Phoenix market and believes this will be one more tool in the box that sets Velocity Retail Group apart. “As a remote-control aircraft pilot, I have a passion for getting up in the air. The fact that I can do this for my clients makes it even better,” said John Jackson. “The unit we fly is the most stable one on the market, even in the wind conditions that we can experience in the Phoenix area.”

We predict this technology will change the retail commercial landscape for our clients. As retailers expand into our market, they will have a more comprehensive view of the best sites, the best intersections, and their competitors. Our shopping center owners will also have the benefit of greater exposure to national tenants who are not currently in the local market. Through aerial video and photographs they can virtually walk a shopping center that was shot a day or two prior without having to fly to Phoenix.

Watch the video to see first hand just what a UAV can do in marketing a shopping center.