Jim Reavey
Jim Reavey

In less than a year since Vixxo opened in March, CEO and President Jim Reavey has transformed the way to approach facility and asset management services by using the latest technology, data analytics and employee networks.

What powers Vixxo — a Scottsdale-based tech and analytics company — is a technology platform and support network that streamlines 15 years worth of facility management processes in order to provide next generation asset management services.

With Reavey at the helm, Inc. 5000 recently ranked Vixxo as the No. 500 fastest growing private company in America putting it in the top 10 percent, known as the Inc. 500, which marks the eighth consecutive year that a company led by Reavey has made the prestigious list.


The streak started with FM Facility Maintenance in 2009, where Reavey served as active president and CEO until it was acquired by First Service Networks earlier this year, spurring a major rebranding effort and the creation of Vixxo.

He says, “[Vixxo] making the Inc. 500 list demonstrates our tenacity and will to continuously exceed our clients’ expectations over time.”

Reavey says he learned the importance of accountability, resilience and work ethic while growing up on a farm as the eldest son of ten children.

Those traits carried over into his eight years of service in the United States Marine Corps Reserve and helped develop him into the leader he is today. “Vision, direction and leadership are all takeaways from the military that I try to implement in my business on a daily basis,” he explains.

Today, Reavey works with many large, nationally-spread clients such as McDonald’s, Starbucks and Zumiez in more than 65,000 customer locations to reduce operations costs, increase efficiency and offer insight for better business decisions. He explains the focus is on helping customers utilize their assets in efficient ways, to “keep the world’s best-loved brands running smoothly.”

Reavey says a major form of innovation at Vixxo is the installation and monitoring of sensors for clients’ equipment.

Fusion is the software that powers Vixxo. Using data and analytics, the software identifies when and where the problem is occurring before it happens and provides the best solutions for its clients, combining speed with cost efficiency and longevity.

Reavey compares it to equipment monitoring in modern automobiles. “A sophisticated car will tell you when you need to go into the shop and what to get fixed,” he explains. Vixxo does this on a larger, more complex scale for its clients in the United States and Canada.

“Now we’re talking about thousands of pieces of equipment located in different restaurants, different convenience stores,” he adds. “That’s the future of where this industry is going.”

Fusion works as a cloud platform used alongside an interconnected network of technicians that receives service requests from clients and responds by finding and dispatching the optimal service providers from more than 100 different trades. With a 98 percent client retention rate, Reavey is successfully leading Vixxo in shaping the future for asset and facility management through his company’s disruptive strategies and technology.

“I was taught early on that one could achieve anything if they believed in themselves, had clear goals and were willing to work hard for their dreams,” Reavey says. “Delivering advanced facility solutions to world-class clients and enabling service providers to grow their businesses in tandem gives me and my team professional and personal satisfaction.”