Arizona experienced a stream of people moving to the Valley in recent years. Whether it’s the year-round sunshine or love for the desert, real estate has taken off and contributed to the growth of the state. In the evolving landscape of residential architecture, the timeless appeal of one-story homes continues to hold strong. These homes, often referred to as ranch-style or single-story houses, offer advantages that make them a popular choice for various demographics, from young families to retirees. Here, we delve into the key benefits of one-story homes, highlighting why they remain a favored option in modern living.

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Structural Benefits

One of the most significant advantages of one-story homes is their inherent accessibility. With all rooms and living spaces on a single level, these homes eliminate the need for stairs, making them particularly ideal for the following groups:

  • Elderly Residents: As people age, mobility can become a concern. A one-story home mitigates the risk of falls and accidents on stairs, providing a safer living environment for seniors.
  • Young Children: For families with small children, the absence of stairs reduces the risk of childhood falls and injuries.
  • Individuals with Disabilities: Single-story homes can be more easily adapted to accommodate wheelchairs and other mobility aids, ensuring a comfortable and functional living space for those with physical disabilities.

Design Versality

Single-story homes offer a wide range of design possibilities, catering to diverse tastes and lifestyles. The absence of vertical constraints allows for:

  • Flexible Layouts: Homeowners can easily modify and customize the layout to suit their specific needs, whether it’s creating an expansive master suite or designing a multifunctional living area.
  • Indoor-Outdoor Connection: Single-story homes often feature patios, decks, and courtyards that seamlessly connect indoor and outdoor living spaces, enhancing the enjoyment of outdoor activities and guest entertainment.
  • Architectural Styles: From traditional ranch-style designs to modern minimalist aesthetics, one-story homes can be built in a variety of architectural styles, ensuring that homeowners can achieve their desired look and feel.

Efficient Living Space

One-story homes are known for their efficient use of space. With all rooms on a single level, there is a seamless flow between living areas. These homes benefit from open floor plans, which allow for better utilization of the square footage in the home.

Maintaining and cleaning the home is also more convenient when all utilities and amenities are on one level.

Cost Effectiveness

Building and maintaining a one-story can be more cost-effective compared to multi-story homes. You can expect lower construction costs as they typically require less material and labor. Single-story homes lack stairs that may require repairs, and exterior wall care is made less complicated due to the home’s height.

One-story homes can be energy efficient as well when considering how air circulates around and through the property.

The benefits of one-story homes are numerous and compelling. From enhanced accessibility and safety to cost savings and design flexibility, these homes offer practical and aesthetic advantages that appeal to a wide range of homeowners. As the demand for functional and efficient living spaces continues to grow, the enduring charm of one-story homes is likely to remain a cornerstone of residential architecture. Whether you’re looking to downsize, accommodate a growing family, or simply enjoy the ease of single-level living, a one-story home presents a compelling option that blends simplicity with functionality.

Author: Kaylee Smith is vice president of sales and marketing for KLMR Homes, a Scottsdale-based homebuilder with plans for new residential properties across the Valley. The team’s vision is to build quality constructed homes with long lasting value, while delivering a positive home building experience. For more information, visit