Purchasing a new property is a big deal. Whether you’re a home inspector or a prospective buyer, it is important to look and feel like your best self while at a property inspection. Your presentation says a lot about your personality, values, and work ethic. Impressing the homeowner is a smart way to get ahead of other potential buyers.

Not only do you want to make a good impression, but you want to wear something comfortable so that you can get down and dirty during the inspection. In this article, we’ll take you through a few options of what to wear at a property inspection. We’ve got tips for both buyers and inspectors.

If you’re a potential buyer

1. Anything goes!

Potential buyers don’t need to follow any dress code, so you’re free to wear whatever you’re comfortable with. If you’re meeting the homeowner for the first time, it helps to wear something clean and presentable.

While meeting the owner, opt for business casual attire like a casual suit for men or a summer dress for women. While at the home inspection, it is usual to wear something more casual and comfortable.

2. Comfort is key

If you’re at a home inspection, you might want to get down and dirty with the inspector to make sure everything is right. It might be impractical to wear tight-fitting clothing that restricts your movement. Opt for something light and breathable.

Moreover, you might get some stains, dirt, and grime on your clothing. Property management service agents recommend picking clothes that you wouldn’t mind throwing away in case you can’t remove stubborn stains. Avoid wearing expensive jewelery and shoes, and don’t have your nails done.

3. Plan for the weather

Since you might have to spend time outdoors or in a non-air-conditioned property, it is crucial to dress for the weather. If it is hot outside, you might want to opt for cottons and linens. If it is colder, denim and a light jacket are acceptable.

4. Bring a flashlight

If you want to conduct a hands-on inspection of the home, bring your flashlight so that you don’t have to keep borrowing the inspector’s tools. If you forget to bring one, you can use your phone’s flashlight, although that might drain your device’s battery.

5. Lose the light colours

Since you might get some dirt and grime on your clothes, opt for darker colours wherever you can. If you want to wear light colours, wear a jacket or apron over your clothes before inspecting the home.

Similarly, do not wear white or light-coloured shoes.

If you’re a home inspector

1. Look professional

Since you’re on the job, it is recommended to wear something comfortable yet professional. While you don’t need to wear formal pants or a jacket and suit, opt for slacks or jeans, and pair them with a button-down or a polo T-shirt. Make sure that your clothes are freshly laundered and clean. Remember to in your T-shirt.

2. Allow for movement

As a home inspector, you are expected to check every part of the property and be prepared for the worst, including homes with weird smells. This implies that your outfit should allow for maximum movement.

Do not wear tight clothing, and opt for stretchable, breathable fabrics. The last thing you want during a home inspection is for your shirt to rip. Wear practical clothing that is appropriately sized to avoid wardrobe malfunctions.

3. Have an extra set of clothes ready

Your job involves a lot of physical work, so your clothes stand the risk of getting dirty. Carrying an extra set of clothes in your bag or trunk can help you always look presentable and professional. It helps to have a backup in case the weather catches you off-guard as well.

4. Invest in good socks

It is crucial to pay equal attention to your shoes and socks. Often, inspectors may dress professionally but forget to wear clean socks. Since some homes may have a shoes-off policy, it is important to wear clean, fresh socks that do not have holes in them. Have an extra pair of socks ready in your trunk in case you step into water and need a change of socks.

The Bottom Line

Dressing for a home inspection does not have to be too complicated. These useful tips will help you dress for the occasion and feel like your best self while looking for your new home!