If you are building a new home or outfitting your home with just the right elements, one of the most crucial decisions you will have to make is your windows. Windows come in many materials and styles, and the windows you choose for your home could very well contribute to its overall aesthetics, comfort, security, functionality, and more. The windows you select will also be based on your home’s architectural design and style. If you have a more contemporary, modern home, your windows will differ from a classic or traditional home. But amongst all the windows out there, there is nothing quite like Crittall windows. Crittall windows are the epitome of strength and elegance, and they are one of the best windows you could find – and they fit most properties, too, whether you have a building made of stone, a new-build, an Art Deco building, and more. But what makes Crittall windows a great option for any home? Here are the answers to your main questions. 

What you need to know about Crittall windows 

Any window specialist will tell you that Crittall windows are the best of their kind – especially if you are looking for long-lasting windows that will stand the test of the elements. This is why Crittall windows that are decades old are still standing today! First of all, steel is a material that is widely known for both aesthetic appeal and strength. It has been used for centuries, but steel windows never get old. They are as popular today as they were 160 years ago. Steel windows are not only strong and aesthetically appealing – they are also durable and deliver outstanding performance. 

But what about Crittall windows? Well, as specialists in Crittall replacement and installation,  Metwin would be the first to say that Crittall windows are truly exceptional – especially the Crittall windows produced today because they come with double-glazing that keeps your home well-insulated during the winter and keeps it cool during the summer. Furthermore, you can go for Crittall windows that offer weatherstripping as a built-in feature to avoid draughts and heat loss, which can also be expensive. And in addition,  the Crittall windows of today have low maintenance properties due to the fact that they are hot-tip galvanised and powder-coated to protect them against rust and corrosion. The life cycle of a genuine Crittall window often surpasses 60 years, which makes it an investment for life. 

What home styles do Crittall windows go with?

The short answer is that it can go with most home styles and designs, but it goes particularly well with the following designs:

The homes built in the 1930s were often built with corresponding steel windows. So if you have a home built in this period, you would do well to go to a Crittall replacement specialist to retain the windows’ and property’s original appeal. Aside from properties built in the 1930s, Crittall windows also go best with Art Deco homes since most Art Deco windows have the classic curved and double-glazed window design, and it would be easy to replace them like-for-like. 

Stone is another material that goes great with steel, as the openings of such homes are also made from brick or stone. Crittall can easily replicate and customize squares and arches to achieve the perfect shape and size.