Heating is a must for much of the world. You don’t spend the whole year with great temperatures, which means you need to keep warm during winter when it gets cold.

It costs a lot to do this, as well. Reports show that heating makes up 42% of energy costs in the winter. The last thing you want is to add to that cost by blowing cold air.

Is your furnace not blowing hot air, and you don’t know why? Check out the guide below to learn some common reasons for the problem.

Thermostat Problems

One of the most common problems a furnace has is not getting the right temperature from a thermostat. Many thermostats run on batteries, so they need battery power to send the right signal to your furnace.

That won’t happen if the battery is dead. Your thermostat may reset or send the wrong information to the furnace and cause it not to blow hot air. Be sure to replace your battery if this happens.

Filter Problems

One job your furnace has that you may not know about is filtering the air before it flows into your rooms. Your furnace will draw in small particles when getting air to warm, so it needs to filter them before it pushes heat everywhere.

Like any other filter, your furnace filter will get dirty over time. When this happens, it can impact your furnace’s performance and cause it to degrade. Check if your filter needs to be replaced and make it routine.

Duct Leak

Another reason you get cool air from your furnace is that outside air will get into your air duct. This happens because cracks can form over time in your vents and lead to leaks.

Cool air from outside mixes in with the warmed air and leads to cool air blowing in your rooms. You may need to call a heating and cooling company to find the duct leak and stop cool air from leaking into your air ducts.

Burner Problems

Your burner is the thing that helps heat air in your furnace. Unfortunately, it’s prone to grime problems over time, making it harder for your burner to heat the air in the system.

If your burner isn’t clean, it will take more effort to heat your air and push it to your system. In the worst-case scenarios, it won’t be able to heat your air at all. You’ll need to clean it yourself or call a furnace repair company to get it clean.

Bad Limit Switch

Your limit switch is there for safety. It ensures the temperature inside your furnace doesn’t rise to unsafe levels. If it doesn’t work correctly, your furnace won’t properly cool your air.

This is because it will turn on your furnace fan to cool everything down. It will appear to you as your furnace is running, but it’s really blowing cool air to try and cool down your furnace. You’ll need to hire an HVAC company to fix this problem.

Furnace Not Blowing Hot Air: Find Your Solution Today

A furnace not blowing hot air is one of the most common furnace problems there is. Whether it’s because of a lack of maintenance or something unexpected that causes problems, you can’t afford to have a furnace broken when you need it the most.

Luckily, you now know some of the reasons that a furnace blowing cold air happens. If you’re in this situation, you can find this problem yourself or work with an HVAC repair company to solve the problem.

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