There’s a feeling you get when a unique opportunity has just passed you by; that something (or some place) extraordinary is tugging at the back of your mind, waiting to be discovered. Superior, Arizona is that place. Tucked into the breathtaking backdrop of the Pinal Mountains along U.S. 60, Superior is home to some of Arizona’s most beautiful trail systems, inspirational scenery and a community profoundly committed to its next generation.

Superior’s heritage is rich with a long history in mining and being home to the Boyce Thompson Arboretum, the oldest and largest botanical garden in the state of Arizona. Stay the night at the Historic Hotel Magma, a cultural gem that has been lovingly restored from its glory days. Spend your days strolling through magnificent desert garden trails or by taking an experiential tour learning about the history of Superior either in town or into the desert outback to an abandoned silver mine, the remains of Pinal City, and the famous gravesite of Wyatt Earp’s wife. Capture yourself in front of the many colorful murals in Superior created by local artists, and become a patron of the art scene by picking up some art by talented local artists. In a town of less than 3,000 people, you may not expect to find a wide variety of food options, but in Superior everything is a surprise! Within an hour of Phoenix, Superior may be one of the best kept secrets for dining experiences across the state. From fresh food markets to unique dining spaces featuring menus full of family recipes, Superior is a fantastic place to get a tasty meal.

Although its history and future may be deeply embedded in copper, the heart of this community will always be family…and everyone is family. As you walk through town, it is not uncommon to see local residents chatting along Main Street, congregating at Little League games or socializing over a cool beverage in the park. Each person in the community feels a sense of ownership and dedication to contributing to positive growth for Superior. Those who have lived in the town for generations are known to be strong-willed, adaptive, and tenacious; having always worked together to build up their community despite having very few resources to do so. Superior is a place of peace with a sense of security and an air of ambition that inspires and energizes all who visit.

Whatever your adventure of choice is from a restoring day hike, to a challenging rock climb, to the adrenaline rush of a zip line or a bike race, Superior has got you covered. All the pieces are in place for an epic Arizona desert experience. Come make life long memories in gorgeous high desert of Superior.