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Resorts | 14 Mar, 2012 |

Whether traveling for business or for pleasure, guests are looking for more than just the average experience in 2012. Sure, they may have been satisfied with newly renovated rooms and friendly service in the past, but this year’s guests demand much more. Resorts have already begun, and will continue, to offer guests the latest in technology and sophisticated entertainment systems that will provide them with an unforgettable stay.

Trending Resort Technology

Media hubs

Trending Resort TechnologyHarrah’s Ak-Chin Casino Resort takes technology to a new level. The new rooms in the hotel tower are equipped with the hottest technology on the market, including the addition of MediaHubs, which give guests a plug-and-play experience. The MediaHub features the most commonly used industry standard connection ports, such as HDMI and USB. Whether you’re plugging in your laptop or video game console, resorts across the nation are catering to every kind of guest’s technological needs.

There’s an app for that

Tablets, PDAs, laptops and smartphones — everyone seems to be carrying them these days. Resorts are taking advantage of the proliferation of smart devices by offering their own custom apps. For example, take Caesars Entertainment Corporation, Harrah’s parent company; with the creation of iSpin – Harrah’s Entertainment, guest can download a virtual slot machine which puts the action of the game in the palm of their hands. Guests of Caesars Palace Las Vegas can also book everything from a room and tee times to dining reservations from the Caesars smartphone app. Look for apps similar to these in resorts across the nation as we continue into 2012.

More than just a TV

Resort technology trendsSure, flat screens were cool — two years ago. With the technological advancements seen over the past year, guest’s demands continue to evolve as well. Now that almost all resorts have transitioned from tube to sleek flat screens, look for resorts to offer such innovative technology as IPTV (Internet Protocol Television), high-definition televisions, 3D technology and much more to make a guest’s stay the ultimate home-away-from-home experience.

Bandwidth and Wi-Fi

Guests are traveling heavier these days — that is, when it comes to how many devices they are carrying. Today’s travelers love to stay connected. Be it utilizing social media to talk about their travels, getting online to check in to flights, or booking their next vacation, two things are a must: Wi-Fi and bandwidth. More devices means a need for more bandwidth to ensure they are all running efficiently and effectively as possible, at the same time. And without their usual at-home Internet access, having free or cost-effective Wi-Fi is a must to respond to emails on the go, check out nearby restaurants, etc. Guests can expect to see both of these tech-friendly amenities in order to help them stay informed and share their experiences online.

Going Green

Resort technology trendsAside from the bells and whistles, resorts also are looking to conserve energy. At Harrah’s Ak-Chin, the resort has implemented a new energy management device system in each of its rooms which not only conserves electricity but lets the guest be in control of their room temperature. When a guest enters the room, they simply insert their room key into a slot by the door, which activates the ability for them to alter the room temperature at will. As they leave room and remove the room key from the device, the AC unit automatically goes to an even temperature to conserve energy while the guest is no longer in the room.

While technology may be getting more complex, resorts across the nation are keeping up with its evolution so guests can experience the most enjoyable, and tech-savvy, stay as much as possible.  It is revolutionizing the hospitality industry, and knowing what is next and how to meet guests’ demands will be crucial in the years to come. Say goodbye to the days of traditional resort stays and hello to utilizing the technology that is now at a guest’s fingertips.

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