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How To Get Started On AZNow.Biz

How to Create a Post


So, you want to create a post. You want to share an idea, infographic, article or any other piece of information, and we’re glad to have you.

If you, at any time, need any help, don’t hesitate to let us know! Or, if you prefer us to post your articles for you, we can do that, too.


Here are 10 easy steps to posting an article:


Step One:

Log in and scroll down to the User Menu. (If you haven’t registered yet, go to our How to Register article for a little help.) User Menu is the last white box on the right-hand side of any AZNow.Biz page. It’s where you’ll see your name, your avatar (picture) and a few options. To create a new post, the easiest way to begin is to click Dashboard.[Your User Menu won’t look exactly like the one below. You won’t see New Post or New Page.]

Welcome, Create a New Post

Once you’ve clicked Dashboard, a new screen will appear, and you’ll want to click Posts then Add New  — located on the right side of the screen.
You’ll be directed to the Add New Post page.
Your new screen should look something like this:

Add New Post screen

Step Two:

Where it says, “Enter title here” at the top of the page, enter a title that is relevant to your post and even contains a few keywords, if possible.

enter title here

Step Three:

Type or paste your text into the large blank field in the middle, or the body of your post.

Insert Text in the Body.

Step Four:

You never know what can go wrong on the Internet, so before you go too far, click Save Draft. Save Draft is on the right-hand side in the publish box. Save your draft often if you’re making lots of changes. Do not click Submit for Review until you’re completely done with your post.

Save your draft as often as possible.

Step Five:

Select a couple of categories for your post. You can find the categories in the Categories box on the right-hand side.

Select Categories

Step Six:

Find the Suggested tags from box by scrolling down. It looks like this:

Choose Tags

Click on Yahoo and select some tags from the Yahoo suggested tags. You want to have a maximum of about 12 tags on a post.
These tags automatically fill the Tags box on the right-hand side. They can be deleted from the Tags box if you change your mind about a tag.

Step Seven:

If you want to make the text inside your post a little fancier use the tool bar
at the top. It looks like this:

Use the Toolbar to change the look of your text.

Be sure to have Visual selected, unless you are good with HTML code. If you don’t know what a symbol means, scroll your mouse over the button, wait a few seconds and a description will appear. Most of the buttons are similar to the functions of Microsoft Word.

Step Eight:

You will not be able to add an image to your post, but please send us an image(s) via email if you have any in particular you own and want to put in the body of the text or use as a featured image. If you do send us photos, be sure they’re your own and we can credit you, or that they’re not copyrighted.

But, if you don’t have any photos, don’t worry. We can find and add photos for you. 🙂

[Side note: Once you’ve submitted your first article, we then change your user setting to “author” so you will be able to add photos to your second post.]


Step Nine:

Once you’re happy with your post, you click Submit for Review. We’ll proof the post for any grammatical errors, and then we’ll email you to let you know when you can expect your post to be published on the site for everyone to see.
We’ll also email the link to your post the day it goes live on the site — just in case you forget.

      You can always send us an e-mail to,
      and we will give you some help.
      AZNow.Biz is all about creating a conversation within the community;
    we’d love to help you take part in the conversation.