Watermark Learning

Watermark Learning Marks 20 Years As Business Training Provider

Globally recognized professional training provider, Watermark Learning, marks its 20th anniversary this March.

With ties to Arizona, Watermark Learning offers regularly-scheduled public classes in Phoenix, one of four North American locations.

Since the founding of Watermark Learning in 1992 by Richard Larson, the firm has fostered results through a unique blend of industry best practices, a practical approach to learning and an engaging style of subject matter delivery. Students acquire retainable, real-world skills that motivate and enhance their job performance with practical and lasting results.

Growing from a one-person operation offering a handful of IT training courses, Watermark Learning is now an international institution, offering college-accredited training in business analysis, project management and business process management. With this expansion, Watermark Learning now offers courses in Mexico through Servicios Educacionales en Analisis de Negocios (SEAN). As a global firm, Watermark Learning also reaches out offering courses in South Africa through the Faculty Training Institute (FTI) with hopes of pursuing other international partners.

“The training field back in the 1990s was significantly different from today’s training world,” Larson says. “The pace of work today and the demands back on the job tend to dictate that classes and exercises be shorter today than they were in the 1990s. Back then, classes were typically five days long, and today most of our clients need shorter classes of two or at most three days.”

Watermark Learning’s ongoing growth is reflected in its recent move to new and larger quarters outside of Minneapolis, Minn. with a larger facility, a much-improved classroom environment with the latest layout and technology to provide an optimal learning venue.

“Now it’s typical to spend just a half hour in a workshop,” Larson adds. “Technology today also permits us to do virtual training over the Internet and work with people from all over the world attending our classes at the same time. That is very exciting.”

In addition to public open-enrollment classes in Minneapolis, Watermark Learning also conducts a number of classes in Chicago, Phoenix and Toronto. Also available online are regularly scheduled, instructor-led classes with live, virtual training programs.

For more information on Watermark Learning, visit watermarklearning.com.