Iconic Design Studio Ties Its Success To The Future of Phoenix


Iconic Design Studio (IDS), a Phoenix-based commercial interior architecture and design firm, is banking on the future vitality of Phoenix, to fuel the demand for its services and provide growth and opportunity.

Kelli Berry

Kelli Berry

The firm has recently seen a spike in new projects from new and former clients, and remains optimistic that things are turning around in the commercial real estate market, fueling the need for interior architect and design services.

Phoenix is searching for its new identity and that identity will begin to emerge in the next few years, according to principles at IDS, who believe one area offering opportunity in the future will be decisions made about what is done with the older buildings and sites throughout the city.

These include the old, run-down, vacant buildings in Downtown Phoenix, the vacant lots adjoining the light rail lines, and all the older “strip malls” that are vacant and are in need of a rehab.

Interior design has a small, but integral, role in the remaking and rebranding of Phoenix. Designers need to work in partnership with developers and building owners to attract tenants to their properties.

“We were able to weather the market downturn of the past years and now we are poised to grow and expand. We are extremely busy at the present time, with many new projects on the drawing board,” said Kelli Berry, founder of Iconic Design Studio.

“We have expanded our professional staff to include two outstanding designers who can bring a wealth of experience and expertise to our clients, and meet future demands we feel are coming.”

Erin Liston joined IDS as a strategic design consultant and project manager. She has a

Aaron Call

Aaron Call

Bachelor of Arts from North Dakota State University with majors in International Studies and Interior Design. She has more than 10 years of experience in the design field, and is NCIDQ certified. Continuing education is a priority with Liston, so that she stays current in her field.

Aaron Call, also a strategic design consultant and project manager, studied at ASU and earned a BA in Design Studies with minor in Architecture. He also has a master’s degree in Real Estate Development. Call has been working in the commercial interior architecture industry in the Phoenix area since 2006.

His experience as a project manager for commercial tenant improvement projects includes the design, management and construction documents and administration of projects ranging from 1,500 SF to more than 100,000 SF. His design portfolio includes many office, medical, and retail projects, but his emphasis has been in the industrial sector.

While each design consultant at IDS takes the lead and is responsible for the project assigned, IDS takes a collaborative approach by calling on the talents, expertise, and experience of the other team members to assure the best work product for the client and creative solutions to design challenges.

Liston finds the atmosphere at IDS and the comradely suitable for great achievement.

“There isn’t a boss at IDS telling you how you have to work. All of us are here because we want to be here.  Everybody manages their time, their clients, and their ideas in the way that works best for them,” Liston said.

Erin Liston

Erin Liston

That creates an atmosphere that directs all the firm’s efforts to the needs of the client and focuses on delivering client satisfaction. Her definition of success is having a happy client throughout the entire design, construction and installation process.

“If it is within my power to provide it, learn it, get it for the client I will do that or find someone who can,” Liston said. “If it isn’t, I will share that with the client at the earliest stages of the process so we can work together to find a better solution to the original.”

Call says he believes the best is yet to come.

“I think businesses have been holding tight and slimming down, trying to make it through the harsh economic times, but they are now starting to look at expansion and relocation. This provides a great opportunity for our industry,” he said. “We need to provide great, functional design solutions for these companies. The way business is conducted is changing, and designers need to be able to adapt their design solutions to fit these changing methods. At IDS, we aim to provide unique solutions to each project.

“We don’t want a new project to look just like another project. This is a challenge for us, as we are constantly trying to come up with new ideas; but I think that only enhances the service we offer clients.”


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