Claude Mattox Says Newest Addition to City Council Highlights Greater Issue

The Now Senior Phoenix Council Member Welcomes a New Addition to the Team but Knows it Comes at a Cost

Phoenix City Councilman Claude Mattox, today welcomed Bryan Jeffries to the council, expressing hope that the appointment will end the revolving door in City Hall and its adverse  impact on city government.

“Public offices should be more than stepping stones to political careers.  Elected officials commit to serving the public for a period of time. Quitting before the end of their terms so they can chase the next opportunity is a major disruption and comes at a cost. More importantly, it denies the voters a voice through representatives that they directly elect.”

In just the past two years, Mattox and the council have on three occasions found it necessary to appoint new members to the governing body following the resignation of council members elected by the voters. The result is Phoenix, in that period of time, has had one of the highest turnover of council members through resignation of any city or town in the state.

Two of those quitting before the end of their terms were ex-City Council members Greg Stanton and Peggy Neely, who are now seeking to return to City Hall as candidates for Mayor.

When Mattox announced his candidacy for Mayor earlier this year, he made a commitment to complete his term on the council. “At that time, many well-meaning supporters suggested I consider doing as other candidates have done and quit so that I could devote more attention to my campaign. Frankly, this council has seen too much change, particularly in these challenging times. It was an easy choice for me to resist the greener pastures others have chosen, and instead complete my term.”

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2 thoughts on “Claude Mattox Says Newest Addition to City Council Highlights Greater Issue

  1. Lee

    This article does not note that when Greg Stanton stepped down from the Phoenix city council, he did so to take a job in the Arizona Attorney General’s office where he spent the next three years putting away the bad guys. During that same period, Peggy Neely and Claude Mattox used their council positions to funnel taxpayer money to their political campaign contributors. The choice in this election is clear.

  2. J Bloom


    So you’re saying Greg does a job until he thinks there is something better without concern for his commitment to the voters who thought he was a winner, and that’s OK?

    That’s who we should want for our Mayor?

    Greg is not an outsider and it does not take me twice to figure out who he isn’t.

    This is Clear!

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