Mattox's response to attack on Wes Gullett

Auto-Dialer Attack On Wes Gullett And Family, Mattox’s Response

Claude Mattox’s statement regarding the attack on Wes Gullett:

In the strongest possible terms, I condemn the actions of the individual or organization responsible for the deplorable attack on Wes Gullett and his family this afternoon.


To say there is no room in politics for this type of behavior is a given. This is not only dirty politics, this is a matter of simple human decency.

Mattox's response to attack on Wes Gullett

Similar nasty tactics were a part of last year’s governor’s race that inflicted wounds on innocent family members, and now, it is infiltrating our city.

It is actions such as this that discourage good and decent people from seeking public office. And the result is the government we have that is increasingly polarized, dysfunctional, and in the grips not of the people, but political operatives.

I placed a call to Wes this afternoon to express my outrage and offered to stand with him and his family in any way I can, just as I know he would do the same in regards to me and my family. I assured him that our campaign had no part in this sad episode.