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Lead Instructor at The Body Lab and Partner at UltraFit Systems. “I am a heretic; a fool that stands out in the status quo. I am a person intentionally trying to upset certain groups of individuals in an effort to change what is into something else, something powerful and fun. Health and wellness is my passion, my addiction; I don’t feel right without it. But that’s just me, and it’s not my goal to push people to my level of compulsion, just to share some of my enthusiasm and hope that others will benefit.”

Want to be fit? Keep it simple, keep it real

Balance hormones
by in Shape

I don’t have a sweet tooth, I have a fat tooth. I don’t buy chicken breasts, I prefer the thighs. I eat a whole avocado, whole eggs, and bacon almost every day. I eat a handful of nuts with breakfast and again for snacks. If I consume dairy it’s the full fat variety. I’ve maintained… Read More →

Diet Changes for Healthy Living

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There are so many nutrition lifestyles today that it’s almost trendy to be on a diet. We see it increasingly on menus and grocery store labels every year. How many “points” is this one? “Non” this. “Free” of that. When did eating become such a procedure? It’s no wonder so many of us fail such… Read More →


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Springtime in the Valley of the Sun is ripe with opportunities to indulge in the fun of life. We feel the increased energy as people crowd the valley to partake in nonstop activities in near perfect weather. Many of us feel a revival of our active routines. Gym visits, fitness class attendance, outdoor excursions, and clean… Read More →


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Often the best way to ingrain something into our lives is to immerse ourselves in it. Why not take the same approach with our health? re•treat: an act or process of withdrawing especially from what is disagreeable; a place of privacy or safety Name a discipline and there is probably a place to escape and… Read More →

Buddy Up: Social Workouts Can Keep You Active

social workouts
by in Shape

Buddy Up: Social Workouts Can Keep You Active It seems fitting that I follow up holiday eating with holiday fitness. For most of us, this is about balancing family and friends with exercise. If we start before the New Year begins, the extra effort will motivate us well into warm-weather vacation time. What truly matters… Read More →

Holiday Eating Or Holiday Sabotage?

holiday eating
by in Shape

Holiday eating or holiday sabotage? Is this a time to embrace indulgences or battle temptations? Depends on one’s outlook. If you read the last article on cheater’s diets then this is an especially wonderful season. Approach with caution or dive in blindfolded. So, what’s the plan? Holiday Eating: comfort or enjoyment Meals this time of… Read More →

Cheater’s Diets: Why Cheating On Your Diet Is OK

Cheating on your diet
by in Shape

I cheat. Not a cloak-and-dagger, back-alley cheat, but an in-your-face, let-the-world-see-me cheat. When I cheat, I copiously surrender to my heart’s desires and immure any rational restraint behind a passionate barrier of, “I don’t give a f@#k!” This includes disregard for how horrible I will feel the next day, centering deep in the pit of… Read More →

Exercise Addiction: Do You Know When To Stop?

Exercise Addiction: Do You Know When To Stop?
by in Shape

“Thanks for a great class. I almost threw up! I going to do some cardio now.” Is that really necessary? The first half I take as a compliment — not because I pushed them to their limits, but because I encouraged them to explore their depths. For the latter, I’m discouraged. If I’m teaching people… Read More →

Pilates Isn't Just For Women: Breaking Gender-Specific Workouts

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There are no women’s and men’s workouts. There’s the body you want and the body you need. You want six-pack abs. You need a strong core. There are the exercises you like to do and the exercises you need to do. You like to do biceps curls. You need to do some squats. It’s easy… Read More →

Which Supplements Work For You?

by in Shape

Sup·ple·ment: Something that completes or makes an addition. These are food products. These are not medical drugs; these are not designed to replace anything; and, these do not excuse your actions (or lack thereof). Few are truly natural and require some type of processing to produce a conveniently consumable form. Some lack long-term examination and… Read More →

Over-Training, Under-Eating: Looking Vs. Being Healthy

Over-training, under-eating
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Lose weight the right way — avoid over-training and under-eating. Summertime! For many, this means vacations, adventures, fun drinks, good food and less clothing. That last one might make you feel a bit self-conscious. But there’s still time to look better! All you have to do is starve yourself and exercise every day until it’s… Read More →

Fitness, Nutrition Are Tools to Balance Hormones

Balance hormones
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You are hormonal; you need to balance your hormones. Any age, any gender, any ethnicity — hormones regulate the body. Ideal body weight, good skin and hair, high energy, strong joints, etc. are all affected. There are too many to discuss here without turning this into a human biology journal, so let’s focus on three… Read More →

Fitness Apps: A Rewarding Way To Achieve Your Goals

Fitness Apps
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Yes, “there’s an app for that.” Some provide the most important element – FUN! They can be rewarding, literally rewarding. I’m talking about real cash and prizes. Whether you’re just getting started or feel the need to accomplish more, a great software application can give you an edge to achieve your fitness goals. Many integrate… Read More →

Exercise, Workouts For Those With Limited Time And Equipment


Spring is here, and summer is around the corner! The perfect weather and surplus of activities encourages people to get out, get moving and exercise, but there’s never enough time to enjoy it all and still maintain your usual routine. Are you one of the many that made New Year’s fitness resolutions? Sometimes you need… Read More →

Media-Influenced Weight Loss, Nutrition: Make Informed Decisions

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“I really don’t eat that badly.” If I had a dollar for every time someone told me that, I’d be retired. If you’re seeking advice on nutrition there’s something about your body you want to change that your current eating habits are not satisfying. Your nutrition What is the basis for your nutritional guidelines? Are… Read More →