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People to Know: Alexandra Loye, Avison Young

by in AZRE Magazine | Brokerage

Having been born at sea while her parents were in the midst of a sailing expedition around the world, Alexandra Loye has lived a unique life. Since childhood, the Avison Young principal has been finding adventure in the most unexpected places. After graduating from Arizona State University with a bachelor’s in business real estate, Loye… Read More →

Can your company require you to be microchipped?


Microchips are being implanted into employees at a Wisconsin-based company, Three Square Market, and the news has caused waves of concern from onlookers for what this could mean for employment across the nation.   Three Square Market is the first company to adopt the voluntary policy for employees to have microchips implanted on them in place of a… Read More →

Stressed at work? Bark Breaks could be your key to workplace relief

Bark break

Studies conducted by various researchers have shown that the interaction between humans and therapy dogs can significantly lower stress levels. As we all know, one of the most stressful places is the office. To help curb some workplace stress and hopefully connect a dog with a forever home, the Arizona Animal Welfare League hosts Bark… Read More →

Vet Tix reaches 3 million donations as it connect veterans with events

Vet Tix

Colonel Steven Weintraub has been in the Marines for over 30 years, so he knows a thing or two about the trials military men and women face every day overseas and in civilian life. Weintraub, who is in the reserves, uses his spare time to give back to his brothers and sisters in arms. He… Read More →

Renovating? Here’s how to avoid fights with neighbors over noise

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Home renovations are meant to be a fun filled project resulting in your dream home, but in light of recent events with actor Justin Theroux’s apartment renovations, tenants need to be aware of the risks they may be taking. As reported by the New York Post, Theroux, who stared on the HBO show “The Leftovers”… Read More →

Pop-up event brings purrfect opportunity for kitten adoption

In 2013, over 30,000 cats were brought to Maricopa County shelters, but that number has significantly decreased in recent years thanks to adoption events like the one the Arizona Animal Welfare League hosts every Summer. From June to September, the Scottsdale Quarter provides free space and advertisement for a kitten pop-up adoption event every year in order to… Read More →