After 36 years of working at the family business, this shareholder at the Interstate Mechanical Corporation is living out his dream of making a difference in the community. 

Bob Karber held this dream ever since he graduated from the

University of Arizona with a bachelor’s in business administration.

His father and uncle started the family business, hiring him early on in his career and eventually passing a part

of the family business on.

“Emotionally, I’m attached and invested. I’m a strong believer in our local community and (Interstate Mechanical) is an opportunity for me to be active in the community,” Karber says.

Reputation is a word Karber mentions often and this is a testament to the importance of the uniqueness he sees with Interstate Mechanical.

Relationships within the company are very

important to Karber and he prides the company on its capability to protect and foster the relationships with employees, suppliers and clients.

Karber sees the value in the people that the company interacts with on a day-to-day basis and pays careful attention to their needs.

“A valuable employee is almost impossible to replace. Every person is fundamental to our success and we care about each other,” he says.

Not only is there uniqueness to the way in which Karber works at the company, but he has just as much motivation for fostering relationships with his family at home.

Him and his wife have two children, a 12-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter with whom he fishes, golfs and snow skis with. 

Family is very important to him, and his wife is the one person who assures him of his success.

“My business success depends on taking risks, so it’s nice to go home to someone who understands the stresses and who supports you in those decisions,” Karber says.

He cares not only about his own success, but also about the success of everyone around him.

Karber says it is the genuine relationships he enforces at Interstate Mechanical Corporation that makes it the successful firm it is today.