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About Cindy Johnson

Driven by a desire to organize information and help people manage data, Cindy Johnson has pursued FileMaker database development in the business world. "I really enjoy creating a script that will combine several processes together by simply clicking a button, converting a task that usually takes hours into one task that takes minutes," says Cindy. "Creating a script is like working on a puzzle, when you put all the pieces together, it creates a beautiful picture." Enjoying every aspect of life is Johnson's personal goal. Having found the fun in her work, Johnson also finds fun in helping others learn how to keep themselves healthy, sharing her knowledge of sign language, and doing an occasional gig as an extra in films. You can see her in the background of the movie "Away We Go."

Relieving Stress With Reflexology


Reflexology is a study of the feet and hands and how specific points on each relate to specific parts of the body. Through reflexology, the nerve endings in the feet are stimulated, which can help to relieve stress, improve blood supply, unblock nerve impulses and help to achieve a balance of the flow of energy… Read More →

The Raphaology Lifestyle: Make The Switch And Eat Peak

raphaology basic peak foods - avocado, olive oil, lemon, rosemary, cayenne pepper

The Raphaology Lifestyle: Make The Switch To Peak Foods Dr. Morning Wolf was gluten intolerant when she was young and had the worst reaction to gluten of anyone she had ever known. Her gluten allergy was so bad, she would end up in the hospital with her lungs filling up with fluid until she couldn’t… Read More →