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Don Pierson is the founder and president of Flypaper, where he is responsible for delivering interactive e-learning, digital signage, and marketing content to corporate clients. Pierson has two decades of experience in the interactive communications industry. In 2003, he founded Interactive Alchemy, and as CEO drove a successful services business that fulfilled the communication and training needs of marquee clients including MetLife and United Airlines. Using the proceeds from the success of Interactive Alchemy, Pierson created a collaborative development tool called Catalyst. By 2006, Pierson identified a broader applicability for the Catalyst solution, and set out to develop what is now Flypaper. He holds a BA in management from Arizona State University, with honors.

Facial Recognition Coming To A Store Near You

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Last month, in my post, “Maybe a Little Big Brother is OK,” I wrote about behavioral marketing on the Web. By that I mean when technology tracks what kinds of things we seem to be interested in by our Web browsing behavior, and then serves up advertising tailored to our apparent interests. I talked about… Read More →

Websites That Keep Track Of Some Of Your Information Aren’t All Bad

Online browsing
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This weekend my wife and I went shopping for lighting — fixtures and lamps for some redecorating we’re doing. There’s a particular style we like and we found some things in different stores in town, but not a huge selection in that style. So, of course, the next thing I did was go online to… Read More →

Has Twitter Peaked? A New Study Questions The Relevance Of The Social Media Form

Twitter Screen Shot
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I love year end lists. ‘The 10 This …’ and ‘The Top 15 That …’ This year, one that I enjoyed was on, in the business section, about “The Five Most Underreported Stories of 2010.” There’s some great stuff there about Apple’s “slow and clumsy move into the cloud” and “How Amazon saved the… Read More →

Should We Be Worried About Wikileaks?

Worried about Wikileaks
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“There’s something happenin’ here. What it is ain’t exactly clear. There’s a man with a gun over there, tellin’ me I got to beware.” So begins the Buffalo Springfield song, “For What It’s Worth,” written by Stephen Stills. It’s a song that’s remained popular through the decades since the ‘60s, and is timeless in the… Read More →

Google Introduces Technology That Drives Cars By Themselves

Google Cars
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Next time you drive, you can just sit back and relax. Play with your iPhone or iPad, or use Google Apps to get some work done. Heck, your next car might BE a smart phone, but more about that in a minute. Forget Wal-Mart, Google basically owns the world. It reinvented the search engine, pretty… Read More →

Getting Touchy with Tablets

HP PC Tablet
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I just heard about something that I think is not only really, really cool, but has a real chance to impact the nature of how we interact with computing devices in the future. It’s called TeslaTouch. If you’re a user of a touch-pad device like the iPad or, to a lesser degree, if you’re a… Read More →

Microsoft Needs To Get Moving Or It Could Get Lost

close up of broken control key on keyboard
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If you’ve been following the chatter among the techno-literati, it’s become almost fashionable to predict Microsoft’s demise. We see headlines like: “The Odds are Increasing that Microsoft’s Business Will Collapse.” At first blush that seems ludicrous to me. But could there be some truth to it? Not so long ago, Microsoft seemed unassailable. Even now,… Read More →

Apple’s iPhone 4 Fumbles

Apple officially launched the iPhone 4 with its usual mastery
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What a crazy summer it’s been for Apple. On June 24, Apple officially launched the iPhone 4 with its usual mastery. In April, there had been the prototype that was “accidentally” left in a bar and ended up in the hands of Gizmodo’s editor, Jason Chen. The subsequent police raid on Chen’s home a few… Read More →

Steve Jobs Takes On The World … Again

Steve Jobs Takes On The World - AZ Business Magazine Jul/Aug 2010

Steve Jobs — the guy who famously flew a pirate flag over the building where the Macintosh was being invented, thus rescuing Apple from oblivion — is at it again. This time the fight is with Adobe, makers of the Flash platform that is currently the dominant software for playing interactive and video Web content.… Read More →