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Pete Baldwin is the designated broker and owner of Platinum Realty Network with offices in Scottsdale and Flagstaff, Ariz. With over 25 years of experience in business and real estate, Pete specializes in country club communities and second home investments, including large commercial portfolios. He also owns an Arizona branch of a family-owned, Montana-based company Baldwin Log Homes – Arizona Territory and has become the area leader in full-custom, handcrafted log homes in Northern Arizona. For more information, please visit

Buying Commercial Property Through Commercial Mortgages

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Buying Commercial Property Through Commercial Mortgages As we’ve all heard; the sky is falling, everyone is unemployed and the there will be no more small business. OK, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but I can walk away from a local news broadcast feeling like I’ve been diagnosed with a fatal disease and have only three… Read More →

Commercial Mortgage Lenders: What You Need To Know

Commercial Mortgage Lenders, Commercial Real Estate
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If you’re in the market for a commercial loan, whether it’s an investment, a refinance or you’re just trying to get pre-qualified to begin your search, then read on, we have some answers for you. First, know about the different types of commercial mortgage lenders who are able to assist you in getting your loan.… Read More →

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Commercial Real Estate Now

Top 5 Reasons To Buy Commercial Real Estate Now - AZNOW.BIZ
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1.      Commercial lending is the best it’s been in decades Don’t believe what you hear when it comes to commercial loans not being available; they are plentiful and at the lowest interest rates I’ve ever seen on commercial property. Small Business Administration (SBA) loans were once known as long and painful and about as much… Read More →

Seller Carry-Backs And Creative Financing For Your Commercial Buyer

Seller Carry-Backs & Financing, Commercial Real Estate
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Commercial Real Estate: About Seller Carry-Backs and Creative Financing Not everyone can get financing on a commercial building for one reason or another. Maybe the buyer’s credit isn’t where the banks require for their lending programs, or maybe the desired real estate won’t appraise for the published asking price; this is where asking the seller… Read More →

Capitalization Rate: True Value Or Complete Nonsense?

Capitalization Rates, Commercial Real Estate
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Many real estate investors determine the value of an income property by using the capitalization rate, also known as the “cap rate.” However, this is absolutely the one most misused word and concept in real estate investing. What is it? A real estate broker prices a business and its associated building by taking the Net… Read More →

Top Four Things To Know About Arizona Commercial Real Estate

Four Things to Know Arizona Commercial Real Estate
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1. Different geographical areas bring very different results When you are looking to invest in Arizona commercial real estate, different geographical areas of the market can have dramatically different results in terms of investment return, including things such as occupancy rate and tenancy terms. As an example, north Scottsdale and Tempe have completely different demographics… Read More →

Changing Office Demands In Arizona: Is Office Space Becoming Obsolete?

Increase demand Arizona commercial real estate
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An estimated 450,000 U.S. office jobs have moved offshore in recent years, and that number will likely grow as high as 3.4 million by 2015, according to a study performed at Columbia University in New York. And those aren’t the only jobs that are vacating U.S. offices. Further research shows that 44 million U.S. workers… Read More →

Commercial Corner: Keeping Deals Fair, Yet Profitable

Fair and profitable deals, renting commercial property
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The Negotiating Power is Shifting with Office Leases With the economy showing positive signs of recovery, savvy business owners and professionals are getting smarter about where they put their office and how to run it more efficiently — and for half of the expense. They are asking for lower rents, more benefits and less responsibility.… Read More →

Commercial Corner: Maximizing Investment With Specialized Medical And Mixed Use Medical

Maximizing Investment with Mixed Use Medical, Phoenix, Ariz., Commercial Corner
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Real estate development in Phoenix and the surrounding areas has always been trend setting and market changing. When newly developed, outlying residential areas boomed, what lacked in these areas was retail, medical and industrial commercial. Over the past five years, the commercial sector has been heavily overbuilt and is now undergoing a zoning face lift.… Read More →

Commercial Corner: Diversifying Your Commercial Real Estate Portfolio

Build Your Commercial Portfolio: Where to Invest, Commercial Corner, Commercial Real Estate Portfolio
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As the economy improves nationwide, Arizona is paving the path for commercial investment portfolios and green development projects. Remember to work with an experienced commercial real estate broker when doing your research. Here are the different commercial sectors worth consideration as you grow your investment portfolio: 1. Apartment Complexes Apartments are stronger than ever due… Read More →

Commercial Corner: How to Search For Commercial Real Estate

How to Search for Commercial Real Estate in Scottsdale, Ariz.
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Although the commercial market seems dismal in certain areas of Metro Phoenix, the Scottsdale area seems to only have taken a ‘gentle’ hit. With investors flying into Phoenix from all over the world to look at commercial properties for investments, they tend to start their search in the upscale Scottsdale area where there is a… Read More →