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A native Arizonan, Sherri May creatively parlayed her 33 years of experience in the corporate world and more than a decade of success managing and developing into Sherri May & Co. As founder and president, May expanded her business using innovative technology and customized products to effectively reach her clients’ target market and convey their message. Sherri May & Co. is a full-service creative firm headquartered in Phoenix and founded in 1997. For more information on the company and its team of creative thinkers, visit

Beware of Blunders: Common Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

To use your time and marketing dollars wisely, and steer your business toward growth, take note of six common marketing mistakes to avoid

The economic downturn has left many companies struggling to retain existing business, scrambling for ways to attract new business and seeking opportunities to cut costs. Decreasing marketing budgets seems to be a common solution — just look how many publications, creative agencies and printers have gone out of business due to a lack of revenue.… Read More →

Branding Defined: It’s More Than The Perception Of A Product Or Company

Branding Defined: More than the Perception of a Product or Company

If you asked five people what branding means to them, you’re likely to get five different answers. When discussing branding, the answers will range from needing new letterhead or a logo, to an in-depth strategy, and everything in between. Quite simply, “brand” is who you are. It is how your customers, competitors and suppliers perceive… Read More →

Why Creating A Marketing Plan Matters

Creating a marketing plan
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A lot has been said about the importance of creating a marketing plan, but the task at hand often appears so daunting that many business owners and executives never get down to the business of tackling this challenge. Instead, they choose to simply approach things on a day-to-day basis, functioning in reactive mode rather than… Read More →