AZRE Magazine, Digital Issue

AZRE Magazine January/February 2016 issue

A CRE force awakens
Erin Davis
If someone told me I’d be writing about commercial real estate even six months ago, I would have laughed. Probably because a) I knew very little about it; b) I had just published my first
children’s book; and c) seriously? Yes, seriously.

With three kids all in school full time (can I get an amen?), I was ready to not only re-enter the go-to-a-real-office environment after nearly a decade of freelance writing, I was also ready for a challenge. Challenge I have embraced (sound like Yoda speak? You’ll understand why when you read the Outlook).

In a short time, I’ve embraced the many acronyms (AAED, NAIOP, VP, oh my!), commercial lingo: REITs, cap rates, the often-used “robust,” and the people — all of you readers. Then there’s my first issue. What better place to start than with a fresh view of 2016? I’ve packed a tremendous amount of new-fangled CRE knowledge — and more — into this issue, and have refrained from overusing “Star Wars” analogies (a fete for those of you who’ve already witnessed my obsession).

Before bidding you adieu, I thank you all for your warm welcomes and encouragement and wish you a happy 2016. May the CRE Force be with you!

Erin Davis, Editor


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