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Fun Ways to Spend Your Tax Return

Tax season has been looming over all of us for quite sometime. Many of us dread it, but few, we lucky few, are excited for the almighty tax return. If you’re fortunate enough to get a tax return or one that is actually big enough to play around with or be creative with, then here’s a few interesting ideas for how you can spend your tax return.



With a little extra cash in your pocket after the tax return maybe it finally is time to go on that dream vacation. Maybe it won’t pay for the whole vacation, but it sure can help pay the majority of it. Everyone needs a vacation, so why not spend your tax return on one!


Pay off the credit card:

If you still have that dinner from five years ago haunting you, now is a chance to finally end the misery. Your tax return is practically a get out of jail free card in this chance, so spend it on your card and pay off that debt. It’s the wiser of choices.


Go to a Concert:

If your tax return was big but not big enough for anything too fancy, spend it on a concert ticket. Popular artists are coming into Phoenix all the time to venues such as Comerica Theatre and US Airways.


Dinner deal:

Many places around the Valley are giving you a break, just like your tax return. Eateries like Fired Pie, Salut Kitchen Bar, The Melting Pot, Z’Tejas Southwestern Grill, Keep it Cut, Ben and Jack’s Steakhouse and Sprinkles Cupcakes are offering a variety of different specials. The deals are only available on the dreaded tax day, April 15, so to celebrate you finishing your taxes or to give you that little boost of energy before you finally file them head on down to one of these places.


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