D-backs Food

Preview: What to try on D-backs’ updated menu

The Arizona Diamondbacks added dozens of new food items to its offerings this season for you to munch on while you’re at Chase Field.

This year’s editions certainly cover the bases, from the savory to the sweet and everything in between. We were invited over to Chase Field to put the biggest and most interesting food items to the test.

Stephen Tilder, executive chef for Levy Restaurants at Chase Field, gave us the low-down on each food items before we were able to try them. Tilder and his team have been working furiously to bring new menu items and they out-did themselves once again.

This food is epic this year. Tilder said that the original Churro Dog was a big-ticket item, gaining national attention. Folks were seeking it out when they arrived at Chase Field and so this year, Tilder released the Churro Dog 2.0, which goes out of the ballpark with sweetness.

During the taste-test, we tried the Bacon-Wrapped Pretzel Baguette, Chicken Enchilada Dog, Churro Dog 2.0, Funnel Cake Chicken Sandwich and the Sonoran Vegan Burger.

Here’s a break-down on how it all tasted:

Bacon-Wrapped Pretzel Baguette


Photo by Jesse A. Millard

Its name is pretty self-explanatory, but when you bite into the Bacon-Wrapped Pretzel Baguette, you’ll find a delicious surprise of black forest ham and Swiss cheese. The bacon adds a satisfying smokiness and the pretzel is doughey goodness. The baguette is served with honey mustard and roasted jalapeño ranch as well. So, if you like an extra kick in your food, then the ranch is definitely for you. You’ll be able to try this item at Taste of Chase in Section 130.

Chicken Enchilada Dog

Photo by Jesse A. Millard

Priced at $25, it’s unlikely you’ll be ordering this gigantic enchilada-hot dog mashup on your own. If you’re going to the game with a few friends who are willing to share, then you just might have to snag this monster of a meal. The 18-inch enchilada sausage is covered in queso blanco, enchilada sauce, pico de gallo, black olives, sour cream and tortilla strips on a talera hot dog roll. The fresh and fluffy roll and chicken sausage are the real standouts in this dish. Each bite of the sausage (which is sourced from Phoenix-based Schreiner’s Fine Sausage) comes with a pop of flavor. If you’re ordering for several people, then this is the dish for you. Naturally, the Big Dawgs in Section 126 will serve you this enchilada dog.

Churro Dog 2.0 

Photo by Jesse A. Millard

I have a big sweet-tooth (just ask my dentist), but this thing may have out-sweetened even me. The Churro Dog 2.0 is a white iced long john donut cut like a hot dog bun, with a churro rolled in Oreo crumbs set in the center. We’re not done here. This concoction is topped with frozen yogurt, whipped cream, strawberries, chocolate sauce and more Oreo cookie crumbs. The donut is fresh and the churro is quite tasty. If you love sweet, then you’ll be in heaven. Any of the designated dessert portables will serve you this.

Funnel Cake Chicken Sandwich

Photo by Jesse A. Millard

This dish is an homage to the decadent, sweet and savory grub you can grab at the State Fair. And like State Fair food, it was kind of bland. The dish includes a crispy chicken fillet, garlic black pepper cheddar, house strawberry jam, powdered sugar and maple syrup, served on two funnel cakes. The jam was delicious, but the rest of the flavors seemed to mix together, tasting the same. The funnel cake stood out so much, that you didn’t even realize there was chicken in there. See if I’m just wrong, though, and try it for yourself at Taste of Chase in Section 130.

Sonoran Vegan Burger

Photo by Jesse A. Millard

I am not a vegan by any means. I have been to a few vegan restaurants before and they have always been delicious. And this Sonoran Vegan Burger, dare I say it, is on par with some of the best vegan places I’ve eaten. The flavor really jumped out and the burger was solid. As a non-vegan, I might even order this item next time I’m at Chase Field, it was THAT memorable. This Sonoran Vegan dish is made up of a vegan burger, vegan pepper jack, soy chorizo, chipotle veganaise, cowboy caviar and guacamole on a wheat bun. You can get this item at Red Hot in Section 139.