Catwalk-for-a-Cause 3D fashion show

Catwalk-for-a-Cause 3D Fashion Show At Barrett-Jackson [PHOTOS]

After a quick shuttle ride on a super-sized golf cart, I was entering the Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Auction on my way to the Catwalk-for-a-Cause 3D fashion show, featuring ETCETERA fashions.

Walking along the pavement listening to the quick announcements of what sounded like a heated auction for one of many impressive cars, I made my way to the Lifestyle Pavilion and left the constant sound of numbers for the constant beat of a DJ playing top-10 dance songs.

A projection on the far wall showed different clothing designers and events as different spot lights made motions through the crowd.

Multiple vendors lined the walls, each with a unique booath full of purses, jewelry, furniture, food and more. All of these vendors were the focuses of the tent, until the fashion show started. A 3D fashion show was something I had never heard of, so I was excited to see how it would turn out.

After putting on the 3D glasses, an entertaining introduction flew across the projection screen with a glass-shattering effect. Soon after, a 3D video of a runway model walking toward the audience came into view. As the video of the model past the screen, the real model came from behind the curtain and began her walk down the runway.

Despite the timing of the video being a little off, the idea of a 3D fashion show was amusing and also included a dance sequence, where real dancers performed a routine while the same dancers were seen on the projection above them in 3D.

The music kept playing throughout the event, thanks to DJ Exxxclusive, and the energy was kept high. The crowd cheered as different models made their way down the runway, making the Lifestyle tent a successful break from the standard Barrett Jackson experience.

Check out these photos from the Catwalk-for-a-Cause 3D fashion show at the Barrett-Jackson Lifestyle Pavilion:

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2 thoughts on “Catwalk-for-a-Cause 3D Fashion Show At Barrett-Jackson [PHOTOS]

  1. Brett Noe

    Hi Cory!

    As the producer of the video the timing thing was unfortunate. The models were all volunteers with real jobs and the time to rehearse them the way they would have needed for perfection to match their on screen movements just wasn’t available.

    Still, it was different and interesting. Let’s see what we come up with next!

    1. Jo


      Keep us posted on the DVD. Your post production skills will correct some of those timing issues. Of course, since I was backstage for the entire event, it will be a first for me and I can’t wait to see it!


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