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HCLA 2013: Surgeon


Phoenix Children’s Hospital

In the last year, Nigro and his team at Phoenix Children’s Hospital have performed 11 successful pediatric heart transplants. Prior to founding the comprehensive pediatric program at Phoenix Children’s, a large percentage of pediatric transplants were going to out-of-state facilities, putting a huge emotional and economic burden on families and stress on healthcare plans. A collaboration Nigro negotiated with the University Medical Center in Tucson paved the way for availability of comprehensive pediatric transplant care for children throughout Arizona.


Integrated Medical Services

Jain is at the forefront of robotic surgery in Arizona. His skills include traditional surgery, hand-assisted laparoscopy, pure laparoscopy through multiple incisions, and in 2012, he became the first surgeon in Phoenix to perform a single-incision radical nephrectomy for kidney cancer. He has now successfully performed laparoscopic procedures using only one incision of three separate occasions at CTCA and in his private practice.

John C. Lincoln Health Network

Here is the start to Mangram’s typical day: Meets with her team at 7 a.m.; goes over all admissions; then does ICU rounds, which are often interrupted to perform trauma surgery. Mangram found time during her first year at JCL to launch an innovative initiative focusing on older trauma patients — Geriatric Trauma Service, or “G60.” The only program like it in Arizona, it is designed to improve patient outcomes and reduce mortality and morbidity for patients over 60.

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