4 Tips to Avoid Summer Makeup Meltdowns

Just in time for the Valley’s first heat wave and for a special event at UNION next weekend arrives Citrine Natural Beauty Bar owner Melissa Lenberg’s summer makeup meltdown lifesavers. Prepping for Citrine’s Get Glowing For Summer Event from 12 – 6 p.m. June 1 (which will aptly be followed by Mimoasas, Makeovers, and Manicures  from 6 – 8!), Melissa’s tips are easy, quick and ESSENTIAL for combating our summer’s famously dry, unforgiving weather conditions.

Melissa’s Top Tips to Avoid Makeup Meltdowns:

suntan lotionProtect Your Skin: Unless you want your skin to tan darker throughout the day, be sure to wear skincare products that contain SPF, which will protect your skin from the desert’s harsh sun.

Cool Off Your Body: Makeup applied right after a shower will absorb into skin and make you break out. If you’re hot and sweaty post-shower, allow your body 10 minutes to cool down before applying makeup.

Get Primed: No matter what the season or temperature, a good makeup primer is a real lifesaver. It keeps on your makeup day to night, reduces lines168738395 and pores and some like the REN product have added benefits of SPF protection, moisturizer and toner to keep your skin glowing naturally.
Make It Mineral: A mineral foundation is ideal for Arizona heat. It is light and will wear all day. It won’t slide off your face and will leave you looking natural all hours of the day and night.