Tall woman problems: “regular-size” pants often end up as capris (or “caprants”); tops end up being half shirts (not the cool kind) and bodysuits — forget about it! For those of us who fall into the long-waisted, extended leg, long-limbed and simply tall-girl categories, finding fashionable clothes that are also comfortable and fit properly can be a real challenge. And that’s exactly what Angela Zdrale, founder, designer and owner of Liv Tall sought to help remedy. In doing so, Zdrale has created an inspiring, unique and coveted clothing line for the extra-vertically-enhanced.

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Az Business magazine sits down with Zdrale to learn more about how Liv Tall came to be and what inspires her to keep designing flattering, and appropriately-fitting styles for tall women.

Az Business: What would you say are the top three biggest challenges for tall women in their pursuit for attractive, well-made, fashionable clothing?

Angela Zdrale: Selection, selection and selection! I spent my entire career in the fashion industry before launching Liv Tall.  I was surrounded by clothes every day for 15 years and let me tell you, the struggle is real! The challenge is not just about length; it is about the total proportion of clothing being off, and having to search endlessly for items that will fit. Tall women have more options today than ever, but it is still nowhere near as accessible or abundant as clothing for women of regular height.  

AB: What “tallness ranges” does your fashion line accommodate?

AZ: My clothing will fit a range of women from 5’9” and above. My sizes range from S-XXL which is roughly a 2-18 and my pants go up to a 39” inseam!

AB: Since launching Liv Tall, what challenges, victories and/or experiences stand out to you thus far? 

AZ: I manufacture in Arizona and Colorado, so being a domestic fashion brand is something I am proud of and it allows me to have more insight into the production process. I am a self-taught designer and jumped headfirst into manufacturing so there have been some tough learnings along the way. I am still perfecting my methods, but being hands on and connected to every step of the design process from inception to production gives me the confidence to believe in every piece I make, because it is truly for a tall woman, by a tall woman.  

AB: What are some of the most popular clothing items from the Liv Tall line? 

Angela Zdrale, founder, designer and owner of Liv Tall. (Photo by

AZ: This past summer I launched my first line of swimwear, and it was extremely well received. So much so, that I am already working on new designs for next summer.  In addition, my sweatsuit which debuted earlier this year completely sold out and I am getting ready to re-stock that with some new styles for fall. 

AB: Can you share a bit about your background in fashion/fashion merchandising with readers?

AZ: As I mentioned, I spent 15 years in the Arizona fashion industry prior to launching Liv Tall.  I worked retail for brands like kate spade, Tory Burch and most recently was the marketing manager for Saks Fifth Avenue until the pandemic, when I was unfortunately laid off.  I have always loved fashion and pursued a career in it because of that love, but being tall it was always a love hate relationship. While I was busy in my career, I had different business ideas and always dreamed of having my own line, so when I lost my job, I took it as an amazing opportunity to leverage my experience and launch my own label.

AB: What advice would you give to tall women who might be intimidated to try a certain type of fashion/clothing style, especially when it’s tied to her height?

AZ: My best advice is to seek out clothing that was made for your tall frame, make the clothing work for you, not the other way around. Do not be afraid to invest in quality clothing that fits and will last, you will feel so much better getting dressed and that feeling will make you more confident in yourself!

AB: What’s next for Liv Tall — and you? 

AZ: I feel very lucky to be able to pursue my dream, and in shifting my career, I am now working from home, allowing me to spend more time with my daughter and husband, which is where you will find me when I am not building this brand.  Liv Tall just turned two which feels unreal. I have accomplished so much but feel as though I am just getting started. I am hard at work developing items through next Spring and am working on spreading the word and gaining more visibility as a brand so tall women know I exist.