We’re just going to say it: The Old Creamery Building and the home of Four Peaks Brewing is haunted.

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But doesn’t every old building come with a story about a strange bump in the night or maybe some weird shadow that can’t be explained? It sure seems most do, but how many of those buildings have multiple stories of phantom touches, shadow people or meetings with one of their spirits face-to-face?

For those brave enough to learn about our haunted stories, tune into Discovery Channel on Wednesday, August 16th at 7:00pm PST to watch the “Ghost Adventures” team experience the haunted building of Four Peaks Brewing. Throughout the episode, viewers will learn the stories of the brewery’s paranormal residents ranging from Victor Vogel —a former creamery supervisor who worked in the building from 1929-1943, Anthony — a darker, more territorial spirit who tends to hide out in one of the back rooms and a little dark-haired girl who creeps throughout the entire building. The episode will also be available on Discovery + and Max for streaming. 

Starting on Sunday, September 17th through November 1st, Sunday through Wednesday, Four Peaks will offer Haunted Brewery Tours that dive into the stories and paranormal activity in their building. Tickets are $35 and include a limited edition 2023 Haunted Tour t-shirt and a 32oz pitcher of Four Peaks beer. 

For more information about Four Peaks Brewing or to book a Haunted Brewery Tour reservation, head to fourpeaks.com.