As CBD grows in popularity, so does the number of products available. People use CBD to manage different health conditions, from anxiety to pain. Others use it to improve their overall health and wellness.

The two popular types of CBD products are CBD oils and gummies. Because of that, we’re discussing CBD oil vs. CBD gummies for anxiety in today’s article. There are many methods of ingesting CBD, and each of them has its own advantages.

We’ll take you through the relationship between CBD and anxiety. Also, we’ll discuss which product is a better choice for you. You’ll learn other uses of CBD asides from anxiety relief, its side effects, and where to buy it.

The relationship between CBD and Anxiety

According to Inquirer, anxiety affects about 40 million adults in the United States. This data shows that this condition affects quite a large number of people.

One of the ways humans deal with anxiety is by taking prescription or over-the-counter drugs. However, over the years, people are embracing more holistic approaches like the use of natural substances. Using more holistic solutions is a way to prevent addiction and adverse effects linked to some of these drugs.

CBD is one of the alternative options drawing the interest of people. A lot of people use CBD oil for anxiety relief. If you are looking for other variants of CBD, you can check  Delta 8 cartridges wholesale.

Moreover, a growing number of studies are focused on the medicinal effects of hemp. Results show that CBD, a major hemp substance, may help manage many ailments, including anxiety.

A 2017 study published in the Brazilian Journal of Psychiatry found that CBD helped alleviate symptoms of public speaking-induced anxiety.

Also, a 2015 breakdown of previous studies showed how CBD was a promising option for social anxiety, PTSD, panic disorder, and generalized anxiety disorders.

Outside of studies and research, one of the many reasons people use CBD is to manage anxiety. Most CBD users speak about how CBD helps them feel relaxed and calm in their daily activities.

What Is CBD Oil?

Before comparing CBD oil vs. CBD gummies for anxiety, let’s introduce them. CBD oil, as the name suggests, is oil that contains CBD as its active ingredient.

It’s a mixture of CBD extract and a carrier oil like coconut oil. You find it available in multiple flavours and strengths.

Typically, CBD oils come in a small bottle with a dropper. On its container are millilitre marks for easy measurement and dosage.

As you may know, most manufacturers also use the term CBD tinctures. The slight difference between oils and tinctures is the former is oil-based, while the latter has an alcohol base. That said, some brands only use these terms interchangeably.

What Are CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are candies infused with CBD. They usually come in various flavours, shapes, colours, and strengths. CBD gummies are one of the fun ways people add CBD to their wellness regimen.

Gummies are growing as a popular choice among users due to their sweet tastes. The fruity and sweet flavours mask the earthy taste of CBD.

So, when you chew on these gummies, it doesn’t feel like you’re taking CBD. Because of the pleasant taste, most people like to use CBD gummies for sleep and they use it also to relieve anxiety and stress on the go.

Which Is Better for Anxiety?

The choice between which of these products you should use for anxiety depends on your preference. CBD oil and gummies offer similar effects. However, there is a difference in how quickly these effects start and how long they last.

If you need an immediate effect, you might want to consider high-quality CBD oil for anxiety. A best practice when taking CBD oil is to hold it under the tongue for like 60 secs before swallowing. This practice allows the compounds to enter your bloodstream through the membranes in your mouth.

Although CBD oil offers a quicker onset of effect, it lasts for a shorter time when compared to gummies. CBD gummies take roughly 30 minutes for the effects to kick in. However, these last for about four to six hours.

Furthermore, CBD oil and gummies offer different experiences to the user. When using CBD gummies for anxiety relief, it’s easier to mask the taste of CBD. Often, when you buy flavored CBD oil, you can still notice the strong taste of CBD.

On the other hand, CBD oil is more versatile. You can add it to your food or beverages. Also, you can increase or decrease your dosage as you wish.

CBD Oil vs. CBD Gummies for Other Issues?

There are many documented benefits of CBD apart from managing anxiety. Studies suggest CBD could be a potential help for people with depression, sleep problems, epilepsy, chronic pain, and lots more.

In 2018, researchers found that using CBD gel helped reduce knee pain in patients with osteoarthritis. The participants used 250mg of synthetic CBD gel daily and noticed weekly improvements.

Additionally, both clinical and preclinical studies show CBD has antioxidant properties. It also has powerful anti-inflammatory effects, which can be helpful in many medical conditions.

What about Side Effects?

CBD is considered having a better side effect profile. These include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Diarrhea
  • Changes in appetite
  • Changes in mood
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Interaction with some prescription medications

Both CBD oil and gummies are prone to these side effects. When it comes to using CBD alongside other supplements or medications, it’s best to discuss it with your doctor. CBD might impact how your body metabolizes these drugs, leading to either too little or too much in your system. This interaction can also cause unwanted adverse effects.

Where to buy

Despite the type of CBD you decide to use, it’s important you buy from a reputable company. Always choose the right CBD oil for anxiety, sleep, and pain. Or any other condition you’re trying to tame.

There are many places you can buy CBD gummies, CBD oil, and other CBD products. You can buy online. It’s also possible to get these products from a local shop.

Buying from local stores has some disadvantages associated with it. First, when you find a CBD brand you want, you won’t have enough time to research the company and read reviews. Also, if you have any questions about the product, the salesperson may not provide all the answers you need.

The best option is to buy directly from the manufacturer’s website or trusted e-commerce brands. That way, you can have enough time to read about the brand and its products before you purchase. Also, you have a wide range of options to choose from when you shop online.

Final Thoughts

We hope we’ve provided you with enough information to make a decision. In the end, the decision to use either gummies or CBD oils is yours to make. Both have unique advantages and drawbacks over the other.

If you want something discreet and easy to use, gummies are a better option. The doses come predetermined, so you don’t have to measure anything. However, if you want quicker effects, and also adjust the doses accordingly, CBD oil might be the best.

The most important factor to consider when using CBD for anxiety is the brand. You want to make sure you patronize a reputable and transparent brand that produces top-quality products. Always do your research and read reviews before you buy CBD.