Anger is a natural emotion which you usually have as a response to a stimulus. It could be another person doing something wrong or a situation that you can’t control.

However, if you get to a point where you get angry even with the slightest irritant, you need to do something about it. It’s unhealthy if your emotions start to hinder you from doing the right thing. Your uncontrollable rage could even propel you to do things that could hurt others. These tips will help you manage your emotions and extend your patience.

Avoid immediate responses

Regardless of the situation, you need to stop quick responses. You can’t allow yourself to act on your impulses since they might be inappropriate. Even when you feel like the best response is rage, you still have to control yourself. Think about what could happen if you allow your emotions to overpower you. It’s possible to do things that you will regret later.

Don’t feel overjoyed 

Joy could be the opposite of anger, but allowing yourself to feel too much joy could be harmful. Both are emotions and losing control when you feel one could adversely impact the other. If you can’t control yourself in times of joy, you might feel the same way in times of rage.

Always weigh up both sides

Before acting on your emotions, you have to start thinking about both sides. What would happen if you get angry? Will it be the same if you hold back? If you realize that self-control is a better way to deal with the issue, you should do it.

Think happy thoughts

The moment you start to feel enraged, you have to think about things that make you happy. Whether it’s a joyous childhood memory or a recent achievement, you have to recall it. You will forget about feeling outraged when your brain tells you otherwise.

Stay away from things that enrage you

You already know what triggers your anger. If it’s a person whom you disagree with, you have to distance yourself from them. If you get angry because of traffic, you have to leave home early or wait until the traffic flow improves. You can’t keep exposing yourself to the same issues since you will trigger your rage.

Make it a habit

When you have anger management issues, you can’t overcome them overnight. You have to make it a habit to control your emotions. Try your best not to get easily angered by things and situations until you get used to them.

At some point, you will realize that you’re only making a fool of yourself for not controlling your anger. You also have to think of the people you love and how much you hurt them due to your uncontrollable rage.

If you still think you can’t handle intense emotions, it might be time to talk to an expert. Set up an appointment at Counseling Chicago so that you can allow someone to help you work through these issues.