A staggering 83% of organizations suffer from a lack of employee recognition which shows there’s a huge room for improvement.

Showing employees you appreciate them makes them more productive, satisfied with their jobs, and less likely to leave. Perhaps you’re not sure how to celebrate your team and you’re looking for inspiration.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 10 ways to recognize exceptional service at your company.

1. Hand Out Awards 

A fantastic way to honor your subordinates is to hand out unique awards. Instead of distributing gift cards, give hardworking employees a trophy, plaque, or even a police challenge coin.

What is a police challenge coin you ask?

This is a memorable gift that commemorates the police department and celebrates the recipient’s contribution to the service.

2. Use a Points-Based Rewards System 

You can also offer recognition through a points-based reward system. This is where you award an employee for their work with points. Eventually, employees will accumulate a large balance which will create excitement and boost motivation.

When the team member hits the ideal score, you give them a reward they’ve asked for like a free lunch or a wireless pair of headphones.

3. Appreciate Employees Publicly 

All team recognition should happen publicly as it creates optimism and encourages team members to celebrate one another. You can do this at a morning briefing or via your company’s social media channels.

Doing this ensures that other employees or managers will notice and add their own words of appreciation.

4. Recognize Personal Achievements 

Aside from celebrating work-related goals, you can also show member recognition by honoring personal achievements. This could include learning a new skill or effectively leading a challenging project.

Or, for example, if an employee has achieved a certification then gift them a business card with their new title on it to show how proud you are.

And don’t forget accomplishments outside of the workplace whether it’s getting married or winning a soccer tournament. Doing this shows that you value employees as individuals rather than just a team.

As an employer, you should learn your coworker’s interests so they feel appreciated. So ask what they’ve done over the weekend and about their family to show you’re interested. Plus, learning an employee’s hobbies will make it easier to find an award that they’d be excited about.

5. Shower Your Team With Awesome Swag 

Stumped for commemorative items? Then gift the highest performing employee with corporate gifts to show your appreciation. A bonus is they also promote your brand.

But make sure your company’s swag is useful and relevant. For instance, hand out high-quality water bottles, tech accessories, or fitness gear to support their wellness. If you’re stumped for inspiration then send out a survey asking the team what they want. Or visit the vendor’s website to see the most popular items.

6. Let the Star Employee Be Boss for the Day

A less traditional way to recognize employees is crowning them boss for the day. The celebrated team member will appreciate your trust and the opportunity to gain a new perspective from running an organization.

At the end of the day, ask for their feedback as they may have discovered something you’ve overlooked like another method of organizing a team, for example.

7. Send a Handwritten Letter

Nearly 70% of employees say their motivation would improve with appreciation from management.

Many employers think you have to throw a massive celebration to recognize an employee but often a handwritten “thank you” note is enough. In the letter, be specific about the team member’s accomplishment, discuss the positive impact it had on your organization, and express your gratitude.

The beauty of a handwritten letter is it can cover a range of achievements like volunteering, putting in extra hours, and being a great team player.

8. Create an Employee Appreciation Day 

Dedicate a day to celebrate your employees either individually or as a collective. You could give everyone the day off but it’s better to enjoy an activity together so you bond. For instance, take the team out for ice cream or go to the park and have a barbecue.

Or, if you don’t want to leave the office, turn the meeting room into a movie theater with a projector or give everyone an extended lunch break. If you’re stumped for inspiration, set up a letterbox outside your office and let employees anonymously drop ideas.

9. Provide Career Development Opportunities

Another great way to celebrate employees is by giving them a career-based reward. For instance, send employees to a leadership training session or give them tickets to watch an expert industry speaker.

To get an idea, listen when employees share their career goals and the skills they want to develop so you gift them a relevant opportunity.

10. Offer Flexible Schedule

Offering employees a flexible schedule is an underrated way to show your appreciation. Ask coworkers to send you a message if they’re struggling to find a work-life balance because they’ve recently moved or had a baby.

This shows employees that you trust and respect them which will boost productivity and morale. It’s a win-win!

That’s How to Recognize Exceptional Service in Your Company

Hopefully, after reading this article, you now know how to celebrate exceptional service.

Show you care by handing out rewards, recognizing achievements, and sending out letters. Also, provide personal development opportunities and offer a flexible schedule to show your appreciation. Good luck!

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