As vacationing picks up again in 2021, vacation rental owners will want to prepare by upgrading their rental properties. This can mean upgrading the locks to smart locks or doing simple repairs like the kitchen. Each part can aid in the value that you bring to your guests.

Here are five essential vacation owner tips for the up and coming year.

1. Upgrade to a Smart Lock

Smart locks are a great way to add a futuristic vibe to your house without necessarily going full automation. They’re quick and easy to install and provide a sense of security for everyone involved in the vacation rental process.

By including a smart lock on your vacation rental, you can give temporary access to the renters and remove access once they’re gone. No worries about keys being lost or potential bad actors duplicating a key for the wrong reasons.

2. Put Together an Itinerary

One of the best tips for vacation home renting is to put together an itinerary for your guests, even if they might not need it. You know the local area better than they do, so even if it just consists of good places to eat and things to do when the weather isn’t great, your guests could benefit from it.

You’re creating an experience that invites your guests to come back, as it’ll feel like a home rather than a rental property.

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3. Make Sure Sanitization Is Handled Properly

Cleaning is important in 2021, so don’t skip out on sanitization. If you need to, hire cleaners after every guest and let your renters know that.

Also, be sure to keep sanitation products where your guest can find them. They might want to do their own cleaning, even if you’ve made sure.

4. Communication With Your Guests Is Important

Out of all the tips for vacation rental owners to skip, it shouldn’t be this one. Communication with your guests helps them realize that you’re not someone only interested in money.

Beyond that, it also lets them know that you care about your property. It can make those with ill intentions less likely to follow through with their actions.

5. Don’t Skip on Repairs

If a previous guest makes note that something is broken, don’t skip out on it. If you find one of the burners is out on the stovetop, get someone out there to fix it ASAP.

Even just that one minor problem can lead to a decrease in the rating that your guests leave you. Poor reviews can decrease the number of people that are willing to stay on your property.

Vacation Rental Owners Will Benefit From These Tips

Vacation rental owners need to stay on top of their properties. While most may see it as a passive income method, those are still your properties that need the TLC that they deserve.

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