Support for Arizona public safety professionals and their families reached new heights this month as a series of fundraising events generated $216,127 in less than one month for the 501(c)(3) 100 Club of Arizona.

Fundraising goals were met or exceeded through three signature events, including the 9/11 Tower Challenge, the 2017 Jason Schechterle Scholarship Ball and Golf Tournament, and an ongoing, specialized Arizona vehicle license plate program.

“We can all be truly thankful for, and appreciate, the work these professionals do each day,” says Angela Harrolle, president of the 100 Club of Arizona. “Whether through monetary support or just a simple thank-you, this community is showing its love for the people who keep us safe.”

The 100 Club of Arizona, which has a 4-of-out-4 ranking from Charity Navigator, has for nearly 50 years provided assistance to city, county, state, federal and tribal public safety agencies, fire services, probation, corrections, parole and law enforcement departments, that provide for the safety of citizens statewide.

Services are provided in two forms: through financial assistance following line-of-duty or non-line-of-duty death or injury, and through proactive support programs.

“Our proactive programs are not as well-known as our line-of-duty support, but they are incredibly powerful in assisting the public safety community on a daily basis,” continues Harrolle.

The 100 Club provides Safety Enhancement Stipends that support the purchase of life-preserving gear, peer support programs, and a Scholarship Program to ease the financial burden of higher education.

“We’re working daily to ensure that public safety professionals and their families are receiving assistance, and know that they are valued,” Harrolle says.

Each program is funded entirely by sponsorships and donations, and events play a major role in the ongoing fundraising activity. September events included: 

  • 9/11 Tower Challenge: More than 2,000 local active and retired first responders, members of the military and their families and spouses climbed 2,071 steps to remember and pay tribute to the bravery of those who lost their lives on 9/11.
  • First Responder License Plate: Arizonans are able to support the 100 Club of Arizona by purchasing the ‘First Responder’ license plate, a program that began earlier this year. For every $25 ‘First Responder‘ plate purchased, $17 is given back to the 100 Club, and in September alone, 1,831 were sold, with $31,127 raised.
  • Jason Schechterle Scholarship Ball and Golf Tournament: The organization’s biggest fundraising event series of the year, with more than 500 attendees annually, recognizes the 100 Club of Arizona’s work, and honors a Firefighter and Police Officer of the year. More than $160,000 was raised between the two events.

“We’re so grateful for our wonderful supporters and the funds that will enable us to continue providing essential services and gear for Arizona’s finest,” says Harrolle.

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