October 20, 2017

Experience AZ

Challenger Space Center of Arizona will locate temporarily at Metrocenter

The Board and Staff of the Challenger Space Center (Center) of Arizona announced today that they will be moving this week to Metrocenter Mall in a suite of offices that will allow them to set up temporary headquarters as they begin work on a more permanent space to be announced soon.  

The new location will allow them to continue the important educational programs with area schools that include workshops that have been a popular addition to area schools’ curriculum for more than 17 years. “It is very important that we continue to provide this resource since many teachers have incorporated our programs into their curriculums for application of skills learned in their classrooms,” stated Beverly Swayman, Executive Director of the Center.

“Having this space gives us an opportunity to resume normal class schedules while working on the return to full operation once a more permanent space is negotiated. This has to be a thoughtful process as we look to the future and what it will mean to the communities we have served all these years,” Swayman added. “It is imperative for us to be in an accessible location in an area that is showing expansion possibilities. Our programs are growing and adapting to the changes in technologies, many because of space exploration, so finding the right space is vitally important both to us and the students we work with. The management of Metrocenter has been so helpful in making this available to us, including a retail space for our Galaxy Gift Shop for the holidays, next to our office and classrooms suite.”

“We are now as excited as ever about the prospects for a new location for the Center,” said Bob Rasmussen, Board Chair. “We ask our stakeholders and the public to remain patient a bit longer as we work hard to create an even more meaningful and quality STEM experience for Arizona students and their families.”

Still under consideration and negotiations are permanent sites in Phoenix and Glendale. The location of the temporary home of the Center is 9617 N. Metro Parkway West, Suite #2214, Phoenix, AZ, 85051

A move of this magnitude comes at significant cost. The public is encouraged to invest in the students of this state by donating to this advocate for STEAM education on the Center’sGoFundMe page.