Eleven-year-old cancer survivor Braydon Felix and Macdonald Orthodontics, where his mother Lori Young works, recently raised more than $4,000 to help other young patients in the pediatric oncology unit at Banner Children’s at Desert. Braydon celebrated the end of his treatment for stage 4 cancer in February.

Eleven-year-old cancer survivor Braydon Felix.

The Valley boy was treated at the hospital, formerly known as Cardon Children’s Medical Center, for neuroblastoma starting in October 2018. Macdonald Orthodontics decided to help Braydon give back to signify the anniversary of his diagnosis with the high-risk disease on Oct. 1 two years ago.

The team raised a total of $4,175 and provided Banner Children’s with that amount in gift cards to businesses and services that will bring comfort and cheer to patients and families during a difficult time. Macdonald Orthodontics plans to do this every year in the fall.

Braydon remained upbeat and hopeful throughout a staggering array of treatments, including completing five rounds of chemotherapy and six rounds of immunotherapy at Banner Children’s. He also traveled to Banner’s Diamond Children’s Medical Center in Tucson for a stem-cell transplant using his own stem cells. Braydon even received 12 rounds of radiation in 15 places throughout his body, including his spine and skull.

Neuroblastoma, mainly found in infants and young children, develops from immature nerve cells. It mainly attacks the adrenal glands, but can also affect other areas of the abdomen, as well as the chest, neck and nerve fibers that run along the spine. There are about 800 new cases of neuroblastoma each year in the U.S., according to the American Cancer Society.