Storage units are used in multiple ways. From conventional needs to highly creative ways, a storage container can help you secure much needed extra space for both residential and commercial purposes. 

As a business owner, getting access to extra storage at a pocket-friendly price is always a plus. Storage containers provide substantial return on their investment when used to obtain extra storage.

They can cover seasonal spikes in demand, relocation and expansion needs, and serve as alternative warehousing options. Businesses of every type can use storage containers for various purposes:

Warehousing option for e-commerce businesses

Not all e-commerce businesses are large and profitable enough to afford a warehouse. A storage container is the perfect way to store products in this instance.

It is also a good option for rapidly expanding businesses that may need quick storage options.

Temporary storage for promotional items

Businesses can hold promotional items such as posters, tables and chairs, branded souvenir items, magazines and more in storage containers.

During promotions, numerous items are prepared and used for campaigns. These items may be stored temporarily before the campaign or the surplus may be stored after the campaign is over.

Storage space for old files

Business documents increase every day. Between files, receipts and copies, they can occupy a large amount of space. Storage containers provide a secure storage option for businesses.

Rather than looking for space to keep old documents or getting rid of them, storage containers such as storage units from Safestore Containers are the best solution to store them. These files can be accessed when needed.

Distilleries and Vineyards

Waiting patiently is a core skill for distillers and winemakers. Wines have to age for a long period of time. While they age, the casks and barrels occupy a lot of space.

Small distilleries and Vineyards may lack the storage space these barrels and casks need. A storage container is a great off-site option for storing wines and gins. It is cost-effective, saves space and provides added security.

Theatre and Film Studios

Studios have a lot of proposed new costumes, usually in the thousands. During peak seasons, these items may reach overwhelming proportions. These costumes need to be kept safe and secure when they are not being used.  Storage containers are a good way to store costumes and props securely while efficiently maximising available space.

Instead of building expansions or lettings, a storage container provides an easy but budget-friendly way to store items.

Extra office space

Storage containers can provide an effective temporary solution to an office space problem. They can serve as boardrooms for private meetings with investors. They may also be used as temporary offices, lunchrooms, training centres and adjunct offices.

Medical equipment storage 

Storage containers can be used to hold spare medical equipment, supplies and extra medicine. These are equipment and supplies which are vital to a hospital and must be kept safe and secure.

During Business Relocation

Just like renovations and expansions, business relocation can be chaotic. During the move, equipment and important documents can easily go missing or become damaged.

Storage containers are a good way to store office items until the move is complete. They come in varying shapes and sizes.

Storage containers can hold a large variety of things from files, tools and furniture to cars and huge equipment.

If you’re in the San Diego area, you can rent crates or file boxes from companies like Boxbee and store your belongings in secure storage facilities that are monitored 24/7. In addition to warehouse monitoring, additional security measures are taken, such as GPS tracking while your items are in route. This means that you can rest assured knowing that your items will be safe, whether it’s on a short or long term basis.

Emergency storage options

Most storage containers are built to withstand harsh weather conditions. Businesses located in areas which are prone to natural disasters like hurricanes must be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. 

Natural disasters can result in extreme business losses with figures in the billions. Storage containers are ideal for storing important documents and merchandise in these situations.

Safe storage for hazardous chemicals

Customised storage containers exist for holding chemicals. These containers are built in line with strict specifications to ensure that they comply with Environmental Agency and HSE standards.

Art galleries and Museums

The art industry is another one where ample storage space is a necessity. Galleries and Museums hold immense collections of artefacts, items, and artworks. Works not being displayed must be kept safe and secure until they are needed.

Museums running out of space can use storage containers as secure holding space for their items. This will free up space that can be used to add other features like souvenir shops, workshops and cafes to the gallery or museum.

Seasonal storage for boom periods

A business has those months when sales skyrocket or its services are in high demand. Examples of such seasons include Christmas, Black Friday, Easter, Halloween and major sporting events like the Olympics and Super bowl – or just as a result of brilliant marketing strategies by the company.

This is a business’ peak season during which it experiences a high influx of customers. During this period, businesses need to stock surplus products and merchandise to ensure they are not caught unawares or lose out on sales.

A temporary storage container is a smart alternative for storing extra stocks during peak seasons.

Security Services

Security services and the military can use storage containers as a makeshift armoury. It can be used for storage of weapons, security cameras and other security gadgets, drones, gear and military supplies.

Storage containers usually possess high-tech locks and security. This makes them perfect for keeping weapons safe while keeping out unauthorised users.

Secure storage during business expansion

This is one of the best ways to use storage containers. Business expansions and renovations can upheave a lot of things. Trying to move things around and keep them safe is a major struggle.

Rather than struggle, utilise a storage container for storing office furniture, equipment, files and other knickknacks.

Storage containers help to save money and are very secure meaning that the fear of stolen or damaged items is eliminated.

If they are properly arranged, it will be easy for employees to access anything they need.


If you are a business owner looking for a cost-effective storage option, don’t overlook storage containers. They can provide key solutions to many business issues such as extra office space.

Storage containers do not require much to set up and are a great temporary alternative for businesses that require storage.