As Phoenix evolves into a hotbed for technology and the perfect landing place for technology startups to call home, Chris Camacho, president and CEO of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council, says, “Now, it’s less about importing other states’ and other people’s technology and more about building our own.” Luckily for the Valley’s economy, there are many innovative companies doing just that. Here  are 20 of the best technology startups in Metro Phoenix for 2020:

1. Nikola Motor Company

Designs and manufactures electric vehicles, vehicle components, energy storage systems, and electric vehicle drivetrains.

2. Qwick

Connect food and beverage professionals who want on-demand work with businesses who need them.

3. SmartRent

Bringing smart home automation to property managers and renters.

4. Integrate

Empowers marketers to unify their demand marketing channels into a single, powerful SaaS platform that helps them achieve quantifiable business outcomes.

5. eVisit

Telemedicine patient engagement software platform for small to medium-sized healthcare provider practices.

6. Trusona

Developed the world’s first and only insured digital identity authentication solution and are leading a movement where there are no passwords to be created, remembered, stolen or compromised.

7. Solera Health

Integrates highly fragmented programs and services into one high-access, lower-cost network to prevent and manage chronic health conditions paid through medical claims.

8. Hownd

Hownd revolutionizes how entertainment, health and beauty, food and beverage, and other local businesses generate more foot traffic.

9. Fullbay

Cloud-based shop management software built specifically for heavy-duty repair shops.

10. Virtuous

Software helps charities create personal connections with givers by truly understanding what makes each giver tick.

11. Emerge

Web-based truckload management system focused on connecting shippers and their partners when executing full truckload transactions.

12. Prenda

Ed Tech company with the vision of helping young people learn technology in fun, informal settings.

13. Picmonic

Helps people create, share and explore highly effective audiovisual study cards, called Picmonics “pictorial mnemonics.”

14. Alt Thirty Six

Builds beautifully designed, simple-to-use payment technology for companies accepting digital currency.

15. ClickIPO

The world’s first industry utility for optimizing retail distribution of IPO and secondary offerings.

16. Aural Analytics

Builds applications that use speech and fine motor to detect subtle changes in brain health.

17. Chassi

Customer Experience Engineering (CXE) company that enables software businesses to optimally deliver value to their customers.

18. Paradox

Flagship product is Olivia, the AI recruiting assistant obsessed with improving and reinventing the candidate experience.


Offers a three-pronged solution that is a true subscription-based career ecosystem for serious candidates and active recruiting professionals.

20. RadiusAI

Technology features multi-camera tracking, real-time analytics, rapid, and cost-effective, edge processing, and customized offers.