Chris Loeffler

Co-founder and CEO

Caliber – The Wealth Development Company

Background: As a co-founder and CEO of Caliber, Loeffler has created a wealth-building platform that offers accredited investors direct access private equity investments in commercial, hospitality and residential real estate assets. A former public accountant with PwC and graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Loeffler is recognized by LODGING as a “Top 10 Up-and-Comer in Hospitality.” Loeffler has grown the full-service real estate investment firm to $265 million in assets under management in five states and more than 700 team members.

A trend to watch: “Simply put, access to alternative investments like real estate private equity. Institutions and family offices have consistently invested more than 25 percent of their assets in alternatives, where the average individual investor has less than 2 percent alternatives. People are waking up to the need to build wealth outside of a traditional stocks and bonds model and gaining access to well-structured real estate opportunities is one of the best options for them. They see the safety and superior returns that institutions are achieving and are seeking the same for themselves.”

Advice for 2018: “First, I applaud insight that alternative investing is an important opportunistic component of a well-diversified wealth portfolio. While Caliber does not offer advice on where to invest, I’d recommend working with an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) that understands alternative investments and real estate. I encourage people to continue learning about the alternative investing world and how self-directing IRAs/401k plans through reputable companies to build wealth is viable.”

Arizona investment: “Today’s affluent investor has access to more wealth building opportunities than ever before and many of those companies to invest in are right here in Arizona. Look to connect with RIAs if you seek out direct investments within our great state.”