Leader. Entrepreneur. Honest. Genuine. Passionate. These are just some of the words used to describe Alex Laky, founder and principal of Architecture Solutions (ARCHSOL), an architectural firm active in master-planning, new construction, tenant improvement and renovation projects for the healthcare industry. 

Before graduating from the University of Arizona with an architecture degree, Laky was a truck driver and his only experience with designing buildings were drawings on his notes during school as a child. 

After graduation, he started working for an architecture firm in Tucson but had bigger and better dreams for his career, wife and four children. However, it was during that time when Laky discovered his love for working with clients in the healthcare industry. 

He was offered the chance to watch an open-heart surgery to help him gain a better understanding of surgeons’ needs before Laky designed the hospital’s upgraded hybrid operating room. 

Astounded by the precision, cleanliness and synchronized actions of the surgeons to perform the task, Laky described the operation as “phenomenal.” He says, “It’s really a symphony when you watch [the surgery].” 

Since then, Laky’s passion for complex projects, technical challenges and creative healthcare solutions only grew, eventually leading him to start his own architectural firm — ARCHSOL — in 2005 to provide the best environments for the healthcare industry through its projects, which include overall campus planning, administrative office buildings, education centers, patient bed towers, cancer centers, parking garages, emergency departments, data centers and more. 

“The beauty of working in the healthcare system is we create those environments,” says Laky. “We have a hand in whether that environment is successful or not.”  

Despite the daunting complexities and pressure to provide the best, most effective solutions to those in the healthcare industry, ARCHSOL continues to grow from coast to coast and its work continues to speak for itself. 

In fact, ARCHSOL’s rate of repeat work for its clients totals more than 85 percent, which reflects the quality of the firm’s work and its goal to be a “collaborative strategic partner” with all of its clients. 

Since the start, Laky has remained humble yet optimistic about the future of the firm, which reflects his selfless nature and team mentality. 

His dream is for the firm to expand further beyond just himself, which is why he picked the name Architecture Solutions rather than making himself the namesake of the company. 

“[The firm is] for those individuals who come after me, this is for them,” Laky explains, “for them to take and to run.” 

Laky compares his ARCHSOL team to a rowing team. He says, if we are not working in unison, then we are left in one spot or possibly even going in circles. But when the team is in sync, then things are similar to that of the surgeons in the operating room.