When it comes to choosing a health plan, often we tend to focus on the big things. We consider whether the insurance will cover treatment for a serious illness, unexpected surgery, long term medication needs, or other medical interventions that can end up being very expensive to deal with without the right cover. However, there can be other first line benefits that can become very important to health plan owners in certain circumstances, which are also worth considering when you are comparing different options.

Here, we look at just three:

Groceries or Prepared Food Delivery

Some health plans will provide delivery of healthy fresh produce or even prepared meals to people who become unable to shop or cook for themselves. This can make a huge difference in the event of something like a temporary disability due to an injury, or for people with chronic conditions that make shopping or preparing their own food difficult or impossible. There are plenty of conditions and situations where this kind of service can make life a lot easier, meaning that the patient doesn’t have to rely on friends or family. It can also help someone with a serious illness or injury who lives alone to retain independence in their own home, rather than having to stay in a supervised facility to ensure they get the food they need.


There are plenty of medical issues that can prevent people from using their normal means of transportation. It can be especially debilitating for people who usually drive everywhere, if they develop a condition that renders them unable to drive temporarily (for instance a broken leg or an eye injury), or permanently (such as epilepsy). With some conditions, even the use of public transport becomes very difficult, and this is not always an option anyway, depending on location. This is why it can be good to look for a health plan that includes things like transportation, especially to medical appointments. You may be surprised how much of a help this can be in certain situations, meaning you don’t have to spend a fortune on taxis or rely on rides from friends and family.

Vision, Dental and Hearing

Most people will at some point need some medical assistance with their eyesight, teeth or hearing, beyond the routine check-ups. Getting glasses or a hearing aid can end up being quite a hit to the wallet if it isn’t covered by your plan, and dental work can comprise anything from minor fillings through to wisdom tooth extraction, which incurs costs similar to other types of surgery.

When you are looking for a health plan, it is always good to consider whether these types of benefits are important to you. For some people with lots of people around them who will take care of them in an ongoing period of poor health, or who have a separate plan for dental, they may not be so important, but for others, they can be a lifesaver.