October 11, 2021

Eric Shepperd

3 essential tips for your strategy in social networks

It is increasingly common for companies to talk and talk about social media strategy; of the importance that being present on Social Networks has for online marketing actions, that social networks are a means to sell, that not being present in social networks means not existing in the digital world, that…

But, do you really think that marketing tools and methodologies are being applied in a professional way in business social networks?

Many times what you see is not really what you should see, and this happens much more frequently than it might seem, because “having to be” is not the same as “being” on Social Media.

To note, social media is in a mature phase, which would force us a priori and following common sense to work on follower loyalty policies and to start looking for differentiation with our competitors, giving competitive advantages to our readers/clients.

Is this what most companies develop?

To “lend a hand” here are three critical tips, to always take into consideration….

Come on, advice to apply yes or yes!!!!

Tip first: strategy design

Always design your Social Media strategy, stop and think, do not forget that it must derive and go hand in hand with your generic marketing strategy, and therefore, it must help not only to get more followers or fans, but to meet the main objectives of the company.

What do you not see yourself capable of or do not have the resources to hire a professional?

Well, unless at least you stop to think for a minute, and write the following questions on a Word sheet:

What do you want to achieve?

Where do you want to go?

How are you going to do it?

What are you going to do it for?

And now answer them!!!

After answering them, you should go further with other steps, for example, maybe you can buy SMM services to boost your visitors!

Second tip: add value

Social Media is nothing more than talking about community, passion, enthusiasm, creativity … Therefore, Social Media Marketing is about interactions between people, between client-client, client-company, company-company…

It is time to add value!!!!

It must necessarily comes from quality content, you are a specialist in your product / service / solution, prove it!!!! Make it a regular and coherent content with a narrative line (mark how often you are going to publish and create a “habit” in your audience.

Publish and share information that you have previously read and tested, and therefore, while you share or retweet, comment on the highlights, make a reflection, your vision, ideas that have arisen…

You create constructive dialogues with your audience, discussion forums … either on Twitter, Linkedin or Google Plus … this is value!!!

Tip three: build trust

As you will see, this third and last advice is related to the previous two, because it is necessary that your strategy in Social Networks serves to generate trust in your clients and potential clients, to establish networking, so it is imperative to be honest.

We must help and take a step forward, reach out and never speak ill of the competition or of any third party, we must not care!!!

We must work on negative criticisms and comments to turn them into positive ones and accept our mistakes; and if possible, correcting them in the shortest possible time and if not, truthfulness.

Make games and contests, compare multimedia content, give prizes and rewards … In short, keep your audience alive !!!

Were these tips useful for you? We hope so! Thank you for reading and have a nice day!